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What is a purpose of life?

To love, to feel, to enjoy the act of living

To love more.

To love those who mean the most. Every life you touch will touch you back.

To treasure every enjoyable sensation one has.

To seek beauty in all its forms.

To have fun or enjoy life.

To seek pleasure and avoid pain.

To be compassionate. To be moved by the tears and pain of others, and try to help them out of love and compassion. To love others as best we possibly can. To eat, drink, and be merry. To have power, to be better To strive for power and superiority. To rule the world. To know and master the world. To know and master nature. Life has no meaning Life or human existence has no real meaning or purpose because human existence occurred out of a random chance in nature, and anything that exists by chance has no intended purpose. Life has no meaning, but as humans we try to associate a meaning or purpose so we can justify our existence. There is no point in life, and that is exactly what makes it so special. One should not seek to know and understand the meaning of life The answer to the meaning of life is too profound to be known and understood. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life. The meaning of life is to forget about the search for the meaning of life. Ultimately, a person should not ask what the meaning of their life is, but rather must recognize that it is they themselves who are asked. In a word, each person is questioned by life; and they can only answer to life by answering for their own life; to life they can only respond by being responsible.