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πŸ’‹ The Nation's Husband πŸ’‹ Chapter 1

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Raina curled herself into a ball on the sofa in the sitting room, her eyes glued to the television on the wall showing an interview about the up coming Miss world competition that will be held here in US.

Her eyes may be glued on the television but she was stunned at the sight of the man sitting elegantly on an arm chair on the screen.

He answered every question by the host professionally and with a slight of arrogance in his voice.

He still maintained his cold and distant demeanor even while on the screen.

Though very charming and strikingly handsome, to people like Raina who are close to him he's nothing more than a monster but in the eyes of the nation he is everyone's favourite especially the women.

95% of the singles in US and around the world can not help daydreaming about spending the rest of their lives with this one man.

He'd so gathered fans in such a way that no other actor can directly compare himself with him financially and in fame.

Most of the actors and actresses are the ones he'd brought up in the industry and considering the fact that he is always the sole investor in almost all the movies that are filmed in the country, they practically worship him.

He has millions of followers on Instagram and on Facebook.

His YouTube video channels have the best number of viewers.

Anything about him will definitely make headlines the next minute. And so when he speaks, the world stopped just to listen to what this one man has to say.

The interview was about his role as the overall judge in the Miss world competition that will be coming up in a month's time.

The TV host took the ample opportunity to delve into his career, having won the best screen actor for eight consecutive years in Hollywood, a popular model and also the CEO of Renaissance Entertainment.

Knowing that his diehard fans must be going crazy already, the TV host stylisly asked him a question about his love life, though he's always reserved when it comes to questions about his personal life but he was dared this time.

Instead of being indifferent as usual, he smiled coldly and lowered his eyes for about five seconds before saying

" funny though but too bad no woman has caught my fancy yet" he said arrogantly and adjusted on his seat without any look of apology in his eyes.

Opps! His admirers all over the country must be cursing him right down.

Though this man seems to be cold and distant towards everyone, the people can't help must admire his uncommon talent when it comes to his actions on the screen.

Raina tightened her grip on the glass of juice she was holding when she heard him make that statement on air.

What about her that has been trapped here in his house for seven months now?

She thought about their secret marriage and while he's so stubbornly refused to accept the fact that she is his wife and not a sex slave, a thick moisture well up her eyes.

She didn't plan for this. She had never liked him.

After all nobody would want to share a house with a monster.

But she accepted it so she could save her uncle's business from bankruptcy.

Having taken care of her for more than 21 years now since she lost her parents at age 2, the least she could do was to go into this marriage to salvage the situation.


Andre Shaw finished the interview and went straight to the break room.

His assistant quickly handed him a bottle of chilled water which he gulped down and dropped carefully on the sofa.

"Let the station's manager know I can't have lunch with him today as planned, may be next time."

"Get the car. I need to go home" he ordered in his usual emotionless voice and stood up leaving his assistant jugging behind him due to the big strides he was taking.

Andre Shaw got home behaving like he just fought with the devil.

He flung the main door opened and his eyes went straight to the little figure curling like a ball on the sofa.

"Where is my food?" He clipped.

Raina snapped back to her senses having concentrate too much attention on the television.

She froze and her lips form into a thin line, she was complete