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πŸ’ž The Nation's Husband πŸ’ž Chapter 3 (Unedited)

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Being weekend, Raina decided to treat Yvonne her friend and Evelyn to a meal at the prestigious De Blue Rock hotel in New York.

They kept on passing round the menu since none of them could come up with something.

The waiter politely cleared his throat making Yvonne to quickly tick a few dishes.

Silence engulfed them with only the sound from the TV set echoing the private room as they have their dinner.

Evelyn cleared her throat and spoke first " ehm Raina how's Andre? " she asked casually.

"Yes was about to ask you the same thing" Yvonne supported with a mouthful of food.

Raina creased her brow and lowered her lashes a little pretending she didn't hear a thing.

she wished they know why she's treating them this meal.

It was to take her mind away from her misfortune for a while not to be reminded of it.

She kept on eating her food quietly making up with an " hmm" sound.

Evelyn and Yvonne exchanged glances as they asked their questions in turns.

"Raina I thought I just asked you a question" Evelyn snapped.

When did it become a big deal to ask about someone else's husband.

She thought as she gave Raina an impatient look.

"What's this about?" Yvonne growled.

"Andre is fine" Raina snapped. "Read about him in the news or better still call him" Raina snarled in one breath.

"What Raina! Did you just add the last line to us? Yvonne asked pointing to Evelyn and herself.

Just when Raina wanted to reply, Evelyn cut in

"Of course yes, especially when you are married to the nation's husband. You can't trust nobody" Evelyn said curtly blinking her lashes.

Raina was shocked at her words. Before she could even defend herself, Yvonne chipped in

"I see. Didn't know we're now man chasers" she smirked.

"Andre and I have been having serious fights recently. Raina started in a dull voice as she stared into space.

" He doesn't see me as a wife but a...." The words stucked in her throat.

"A what?" Evelyn and Yvonne asked in unison.

"Mistake!" she uttered exhaling the breath she didn't realised she was holding.

Evelyn also let out a soft sigh while studying Raina's features.

"Nah, I don't think so baby" Yvonne said in a resounding tone.

All this while Evelyn was quiet watching both of them not willing to say a word.

After much consideration she said.

"Andre doesn't love you. I've told you this countless number of times but you won't listen"

"Why did he chose me when Dad ran to him for help?" Raina asked with a clenched jaw.

Evelyn balled her hand into a fist at Raina's question.

Those words sank deep into her heart. Her palms were already sweating.

How dare she say that to her face. "Andre chose her." What is that supposed to mean.

She forced a smile and said " because he knew you are weak and can't fight back. You'd better file a divorce " she said rolling her eyes.

Yvonne couldn't take it any longer seeing that Raina was not going to say anything for she always worship Evelyn like a goddess.

"You can't say that Eve. Raina here is not weak. She's just being responsible!" She blurted and looked at Raina for confirmation

"Right Raina? "

Raina nodded slightly while looking at Evelyn with an apologetic eyes.

"I'm being irresponsible right? Don't tell me anything about Andre again" Evelyn clipped.

"Eve I'm s..." Raina wanted to say the word sorry but the ever mouthy Yvonne won't let her.

"Allow Eve for the moment, She is just being cheeky"

"Try and make him love you my little rice cake. I can't come up with something for now"

Yvonne continued to do the talking bringing up many weird ideas

Raina shook her head negatively to all of them but continued to look worriedly at Evelyn who was wearing a murderous look on her face.

Yvonne was completely oblivious of the heat that was emanating from the two sisters.

It took Evelyn all the courage she had to continue with this dinner.

She felt as though her heart will jump out of her chest any moment.

She continued to drum her fingers on the table and then got up abruptly.

"We should go now. I haven't rested since I came back from the ranch with granny"She was now addressing Raina while acting like Yvonne didn't not exist.

"Yea, we should go now" Raina replied and signalled to the waiter.

"Check please"

After she got her card from the waiter, they headed outside.

"Raina where is your car?" Yvonne asked surprised.

"I came by a cab " Raina retorted in a tiring tone.

"I'll give you a ride then" Yvonne offered.

Just when Raina wanted to thanked her, a limo drove in and stopped right in front of her.

They all looked anxiously trying to get a glimpse of who was cutting in like that.

Just then the nation's husband stepped out directing his gaze at Raina.

Evelyn and Yvonne gasped in shocked.

Even Raina herself was lost as to how he would show up like that without invitation.

He doesn't want the public to know about their marriage so why is he coming to fetch her in public.

She swallowed and looked around for those who might be watching.

His assistant started blocking the few people that were coming to him for his autograph.

"Hi" Yvonne said and waved at Andre.

He didn't say a word but continue to stare at Raina.

The situation was about to become awkward not until his assistant gestured to Raina in a low voice.

"Mr Shaw wants you to get in the car with him " he said and bow politely.

Raina dared not look at him. She was only thinking about what he's going to do to her when they get home.

She sighed and entered the car without a single word and only remembered to waved at Evelyn and Yvonne through the window

She managed to look at Andre's side profile while in the car,

He still maintained his frosty appearance, his coldness emitting nothing but park of ice in the car.


They got home and Andre was the first to rushed into the mansion like he was being chased.

"Mrs Shaw I'll leave now" the assistant said and took two steps backward giving way for Raina.

She acknowledged with a nod and headed inside.

Andre just finished taking his bath and was tying a towel when she entered the bathroom.

Every action about this man seem to be fleeting.

How can someone finish taking a shower within such short time frame.

She quietly walked to the changing room and went straight to the bathroom.

The bathroom door open with a "pa" sound making Raina jump

"You want me to beg you before you can tell me why you had dinner outside when I had only come home to have dinner?" Andre asked in gritted teeth.

Raina froze slightly while trying to process what he was saying.

"Why are you in a daze Raina. Did you hear what I was asking you just now?"

She nodded slowly and inhaled before answering

"I...was bored so I decided to go out" she replied in a faint voice.

Andre's face softened but then became his frosty self.

She was bored and he was there having endless company meetings all day even when it was a Saturday.

If the situation was normal, she would have called him and he'd gladly cancel some of those meetings to keep her company but the situation it's different.

He thought as he examined her little figure carefully before adding

"And the guy you were chatting happily with this afternoon, what was that about?"

Always finding fault. When Raina thought it was over she could just go ahead and have her shower in peace.

"The..guy?...he my boss" she replied with a shaky voice.

"Really? and you allowed him to place his filthy hands on your shoulder?

"No...he was only..." Before she could finished Andre grabbed the tube from the bathtub pointing it at where the Raina's boss place his hand, he splashed cold water there for about a minute.

Not still satisfered, he bit on to her shoulder mercilessly making Raina's screams echo in the room.

She fell on the ground and begged him to stop but none of her pleadings seemed to touch him.

He later left to the shank and washed the blood from his mouth and left the room.

Raina cried helplessly on the cold bathroom floor.

When she remembered that she'd just finished treating a cold, her body shivered in fear.