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πŸ’‹ The Nation's Husband πŸ’‹ Chapter 5

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Andre has been out of New York for more than three months now for shooting of another movie in Bulgaria "The Swordman" an ancient story about the rise of Bulgaria.

The movie has been gaining wide acceptance in the US through it promo since the breath taking Andre Shaw is the male lead and has also invested heavily in the movie.

All this while he's been instructing his assistant to make sure Raina is well taken care of.

As instructed, the assistant has been tracking Raina and all her activities and report them to Andre.

For a moment he wants to be gentle with her and the next he wants to hurt her

Andre Shaw is a very unpredictable man.

Quite funny he'd not even informed his wife of his trip, she only read it in the news and from monitoring his Instagram and Facebook pages.

When Raina learnt about the profile of the actress who's acting with Andre as the first female lead her heart skipped.

Lolita Sanchez! Hollywood diva and the nation's favourite.

Lately she's over heard people say that Andre Shaw and Lolita Sanchez would make a very good couple in real life other than being the best screen couple.

Some had commented

[Awwn...perfect match]

[No please, Andre is my dream guy]

[Yea...I love Lolita]

[Andre please don't break my heart]

[Yeah..Andre.. go for Lolita. She is our diva]

[You're in save hands Andre baby]

This infuriated Raina and she had skipped dinner that evening thinking heavily about the comments made by Andre's fans.

To even make matters worst, someone even brought up the topic on Facebook and there were 6million comments all of them supporting the idea.

This made Raina very uneasy and sad coupled with the fact that Andre is far away with this same person shooting a kind of nonsense that only God knows.

What if he comes home and ask for a divorce.

No Raina will not be able to take that. She will die.

She sprung up from the bed and went to her chest of drawers.

Raina pulled out one of the drawers and bought out one small red book with a gold colour ribbon tied to it.

She looked and it carefully and caressed it. A small smile curled up her lips.

She used her thumb and caressed it gently were it is written " Marriage Certificate "

She stared at it in a daze for a moment before deciding on what to do next.

She tore it into pieces and chewed it like a wild cat her eyes welling moisture.

"Let me see how he'll give me a divorce when I've torn my own copy" Raina said as she allowed the tears to drop slowly down her cheeks.

"What hell of fans would suggest a marriage partner for a full grown up man?" Raina lamented as she continued to chew the remnant of the book.

"Andre Shaw is old enough to choose for himself and that's me.

"Better get that into your sticky skull motherfuckers" Raina yelled into the room as though taking to someone.

She quickly picked up her phone from the bed and log into her Instagram.

She wanted to see what's going between Andre and that girl.

Immediately an unknown user sent her five direct messages.

Was the person waiting for her to just log in?

She opened them and check them out. Her blood ran cold.

They were pictures of Andre Shaw and Lolita Sanchez in a hotel room in the night.

She couldn't see clearly but its like they were kissing and that is definitely not a movie scene.

The other picture shows them taking a shower together.

"What?" Andre?" She bursted clenching into her phone tightly.

But who's the sender?

Does it really matter who the sender is? God bless the person for helping her.

"Andre Shaw I didn't know you're such a bastard" she looked at the pictures again and again as she rained curses on him.

Could it be from a movie scene? No it can't be. She is not a fool. She won't allow any body to fool her not even Andre.

She can't keep defending Andre. He's such a jerk.

How can he be so far away for such a long time without informing her.

That means she doesn't matter to him only Lolita does.

That's why he keeps visiting Florida every now and then because that's where that Lolita resides.

What nerve of a guy! She kicked her bed and stood up.

"Lolita Sanchez, man chaser!"

She picked her phone and went through her contacts, she wanted to call Evelyn but hesitated having warned her not to talk about anything Andre with her again.

She resorted to calling Yvonne instead.

"Hey little rice cake" Yvonne greeted happily but stopped when she heard Raina sniffled.

"Hey what's wrong, have you been crying? The Nation's husband is far away in Bulgaria so who's making you cry honey? Yvonne bombarded Raina with endless questions once she answered the phone.

"Yvonne someone just sent me pictures of Andre and Lolita kissing and having a good time in a hotel in Bulgaria"Raina shouted.

"Babe, discard such pictures okay? The person is jealous and just wants to turn your heart against Andre"

"Your marriage with Andre is a secret and is only known to your close friends and relatives, so who could be sending you the pictures"

Raina hadn't thought of that. She said yes to everything Yvonne was telling her to let her know she was listening.

"Raina Page discard such pictures I repeat. I don't want to hear you talk about this again"

"Andre may be a lady molesting bastard but the least he would do is to cheat on you" Yvonne wasn't sure of what she was saying, she was just trying to comfort her friend.

"Raina?" She called out when the line became silent.

"I've heard you Yvonne. Thanks so much....I ...I'll try to take my mind away from it" Raina said.

"That's my well. I'll come over in the evening to check on you" Yvonne assured.

"Okay bye" Raina said and hung up the phone.

She heaved a sigh of relief. It was as if a truck full of load was lifted off her shoulders.

She wanted to peep at the pictures once more but she suddenly had the urge to throw up.

She ran to the toilet and emptied everything in her stomach in the toilet.

She rinsed her mouth with water from the shank and thought about why she's been feeling dizzy lately.

She suddenly felt dizzy again. Before she could count 1,2,3 she saw herself on the bathroom floor as she black out.

Evelyn has been knocking on the door the umpteenth time now but no one answered.

Luckily for her the door wasn't locked.

When she checked the time it was 5:14 pm. She knew her sister would be upstairs at the time.

She ascended the stairs to the master's bedroom.

"Raina" she called out but the whole place was silent.

"Where is this brat" are you doing hide and seek with me?" She shouted.

She strode to the bathroom " I've told you you'll soon become a fish with your addiction to water Raina " she said as she opened the bathroom door.

Her body stiffened and she saw Raina lying helplessly on the floor.

"What?" She said in a whisper and hurriedly carried her to the car outside.

She placed her on the back seat, walked to the driver's seat, placed her foot on the accelerator and sped off to New York General Hospital.