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πŸ’‹ The Nation's Husband πŸ’‹ Chapter 6

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Evelyn arrived the hospital at exact 25 minutes.

It was a drive of about 45 minutes but she made fast.

She rushed into the the hospital in a panic signalling the nurses to come to her aid.

Raina was taken to the emergency ward and a series of tests were conducted as demanded by Evelyn.

Evelyn was so worried she pace back and forth the silent hallway of the hospital asking virtually all the nurses see saw about Raina.

Two hours later, the result finally came out and a close relative was required to get the test result for the patient.

Evelyn froze when she saw the test result " Raina is pregnant? "

Just then Raina came out from one of the private wards where she was later taken to.

"Evelyn the doctor told me that I'm pregnant. Gosh I'm so happy! I'm actually carrying Andre's child.Andre will love me now Eve" Raina said all in one breath smiling happily at Evelyn.

"Shhh...Raina you talk too much. Remember you're still sick" Evelyn warned.

"No I'm not sick. I'm fine now" she said rubbing her flat tummy.

"Andre will soon become a father" she said and looked heaven wards.

"Come on let's get going Raina" Evelyn suggested.

"No we must collect some folic acid from the pharmacy first. That's the doctor's recommendation. He said it will help nurture the baby" Raina said.

"Fine. Then to the pharmacy we go" Evelyn said and rolled her eyes.

On their way home, they bought a lot of fruits as recommended by the doctor.

"I want to call Andre but I don't have his number. He has rejected my friend request on Facebook and other social media platforms." Raina lamented

"You wait until he comes back. Don't be in a hurry" Evelyn said maintaining a blank expression.


When Evelyn left Andre's mansion she was deep in thought.

She drove around the town aimlessly for about an hour without having any particular destination in mind.

Then she stopped by a supermarket to get some swallow's nest.

She also bought sleeping pills. She once heard that sleeping pills of mixes with swallow's nest can help abort pregnancy faster.

She slide into the car, mixed the content very well before heading back to Andre's mansion.

When Raina heard the knocks, she was a bit confused because she can't remember expecting anyone.

Could it be that Andre is back. Her lips lifted upwards.

Through the hole on the door she could see Evelyn standing there impatiently waiting for her to open the door.

She creased her brow as she opened the door "Eve what happened. Did you forget something?"

"Nope. I brought this" Evelyn said using her chin to point to the swallow's nest in her hands.

"What are they ?" Raina asked curiously.

"Swallow's nest. I heard it's good for pregnancy" she said and faked a smile.

"Oh thanks a lot sis" Raina said and collected it from her.

"Okay bye take care of yourself" she said.

"Bye" Raina replied and went into the house.

What is swallow nest? Well Raina can trust her sister. She kept it in the fridge and went to the bedroom.


Evelyn went straight to her apartment satisfied.

Raina is pregnant with Andre's child?

How can that happen. Once Andre learns that she is pregnant with his child, he will probably change and will start treating her as a wife.

That child must die before he returns from his filming in Bulgaria.

Andre will definitely keep that child. He will not want a divorce from Raina again.

Feeling of guilt enveloped Evelyn but she shook it off.

After all Raina has been complaining that Andre Shaw doesn't love her, so why keep his child.

She later add it to her reminder to remind her to take it before going to bed.


It was no picnic for Andre to go away from Raina for such a long time.

He kept on asking his assistant to keep tract of all her activities and report them to him.

Today when he finished his scenes on set he returned to his hotel room to rest for the day.

He was still resting on the sofa in the living room when his assistant knocked.

" Enter " he said in a dull voice but detached.

"Mr Shaw. I'm afraid Mrs Shaw is in danger. She was taken to the hospital this afternoon" the assistant said.

"What what happened. Is she okay? Why did you not tell me since?" Andre Shaw barked.

"Mr Shaw you were still on set at the time" the assistant said with shiver in his voice.

"To hell with the set! What nonsense! This is about Raina. The person I love so much. "

"The only thing I have in this world and you're talking about work" he yelled and held his assistant by the collar. The assistant was struggling to even breath.

"What happened to her?" Andre asked with fear in his eyes.

"I can't tell Mr Shaw and you've instructed me not to call her"

"Yeah" he answered faintly and left his assistant slowly.

"But Mr Shaw. Last I checked she's in the mansion and is doing fine"

Sure?"Andre asked

"Yes" the assistant retorted

"Okay. Just make sure she is fine and get back to me"

"So can you now get out" he ordered and his nodded in acknowledgement.

The assistant has worked with Andre Shaw from when he entered the entertainment industry so he clearly understands his character.

He wouldn't even breath when he speaks.

Andre pulled out another stick of cigarette sending puffs into the air as he thought about Raina.