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πŸ’‹ The Nation's Husband πŸ’‹ Chapter 8

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Evelyn took Raina home after taking a series of instructions from the doctor.

The doctor had scolded her for being so careless about the sister's pregnancy since she told him she's not married.

The doctor also complained that some residue of sleeping pills were seen in Raina's womb and wondered why a pregnant woman would too careless to take sleeping pills during pregnancy.

Evelyn didn't utter a word because she knew Raina was innocent in all this.

She was only thankful to God that the operation was successful and that Raina is alive though still in coma.

The doctor assured that she would wake in not less than five hours as she is completely weak from the operation.

Evelyn took her sister to the masters bedroom heaving a heavy sigh of relief.

"Raina thank you so much for choosing to leave" she muttered as she look affectionately at her.

She carefully tucked her in bed and headed to the kitchen to see what she can prepare for dinner.

She started rehearsing how she's gonna tell Raina that she had a miscarriage.

Raina is gonna probably run mad at the news.

Should she keep it a secret? Oh no she's so dumb.

How do intend to keep such secret when the person will definitely know that she is no longer pregnant.

Evelyn was running out of ideas and the ones she could come up with a weird.

Not until she started coughing that she snapped to her senses.

Hehehe....the food is burnt and she has to make another dinner.

"Gosh..I'm so cursed" she groaned trying to empty the burnt food.


A week later, Evelyn had repeatedly assured Raina that she was still pregnant that was because she needed to recover fully.

When Raina later learned that she lost her baby, she cried for nights refusing to be comforted.

Yvonne was shocked at the news. She couldn't believe it.

She said something might have gone wrong somewhere and Evelyn had shot her a deadly glare when she made that statement.

They took care of Raina in turns as she couldn't do anything for the moment.

"Thank God I didn't tell Andre about it" Raina stated staring into space.

" would have been worst" Evelyn added sharply thereby earning suspicious glare from Yvonne.

Something is odd but Yvonne can't really tell how odd it is.

She kept quiet for the first time trying to process the whole matter.

"But don't you worry you're still young and still have high chances of getting pregnant " Evelyn said

"But first you nees to sleep now Raina" Evelyn ordered switching off the light.

"Raina I'm off to the guest room. I wont be here to watch you. Make sure you sleep." Evelyn said and left the room without even looking at Raina's direction.

She was about to close the door when Yvonne blocked her

"Not so fast. We're room mates remember?" Yvonne said brushing past Evelyn.

When they hop into bed, Yvonne started a conversation

"What do you think could be responsible the loss of Andre's baby?"

Evelyn glanced at Yvonne and turned silently to the other side of the bed.

"Switch off the light" was the only thing she said

Andre's baby. Really? Evelyn thought as she closed her eyes shutting out Yvonne from her world.


Andre came back two months later.

The shooting had extended to another one month.

He had wanted to come to New York and check on Raina but since the assistant has been tracking her, he decided against it.

When he arrives at his mansion, the first thing he wanted to see was Raina.

He would kiss her and make love to her

Nah..she doesn't love him so he'll just force his way as usual.

Though it hurts him each time he does that, that is the only thing that can tame the animal in him " being intimate with Raina "

He entered the code for door and went inside.

He quickly changed into flip flops before ascending the stairs.

He can't wait to see Raina's beautiful face though it will look sad.

He's been hurting her too much but can't help it.

After all it's her fault, she rejected him.

When he entered the bedroom, there was no sign of a living being in sight.

Everywhere was quiet. Everything neatly arranged.

Has Raina left him? His heart skipped when he thought of that.

He ran to her closet but her things were still there.

When he came out, he spotted her things on the vanity table.

"Jeez! I'm always too worried" he groaned just then the door click opened.

Raina walked in looking beautiful than when he met her.

Andre was battling with his inner desire for Raina.

She didn't utter a word but continued to stare at him like she's seeing a ghost.

"Where have you been" Andre asked and she flinched.

Oh my God. Was that too harsh? Andre thought.

He took two steps backward letting her know he meant no harm.

Then he asked in a more calm and passionate voice

"Where have you been Raina?"

"Sorry for not being here to welcome you. I was my friends place" she lied.

She wanted to the tell him that she was pregnant and had lost the baby

And that she's just came back from check up.

He may even kill her or he may not even need the baby after all he doesn't love her.

"Okay fine. I'll just change" Andre said and fled to the changing room. took Andre all the strength in the world to control himself from not touching Raina.

Raina was surprised when Andre told her he's going to the changing room.

He has never told her about anything he wants to do before.

She left her bag on the vanity table and left to the kitchen to see what she can prepare for dinner.

Andre took his bath quickly and came out like he was expecting something made from heaven.

He stared at his muscular body as her continued to blow dry his hair.

Something caught his eye, an envelope sticking out of Raina's hand back.

He took small strides and glanced at the writing.

It had a the name of a hospital on it.

He then remembered when his assistant told him Raina was sick.

His body stiffened. Is she still sick? He quickly picked the envelop and opened it his fingers trembling slightly.

His breath almost stopped when he read the contents of the paper.

"Raina had an abortion? Wait Raina actually aborted my child, my blood."

"Does she hate me that much? " Andre was filled with rage about to burst into flames.

He now understood why she was in the hospital that afternoon.

Why didn't his assistant see it? What a dumb assistant. He's so dead.

"Rainaaaaa" Andre thundered crying helplessly.

Raina rushed upstairs wondering what could be the problem.

When she entered the room she met Andre on the floor crying

"Raina...why...why did you do it?"

Raina was confused for a moment but not anymore when she saw the papers Andre was holding.

She was too careless, she left something as delicate as that.

Andre is surely gonna kill me. She thought.