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πŸ’‹ The Nation's Husband πŸ’‹ Chapter 9

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Raina was tongue tied in Andre's presence.

She didn't know what to do next as Andre kept shouting and cursing her.

She was shocked at his reaction.

Was it because he love her....Nah that one is completely out of the question.

Andre is just mad at her because of his child.

He only cared about the child. He's never been emotional for her.

Even his love making used to be out of anger.

That is definitely not love making or may be his own definition is being violent with her

Sadness crept through Raina's heart.

"Why are you still standing there murderer"

"Tell me why you killed my child?" Andre spoke with gritted teeth.

Raina was just staring at him with wild eyes without a word.

"Are you now deaf?" he blurted out.

Andre...the abortion was.....sorry....the operation was...because.... I... Andre cut it

"Shut up" he thundered.

Andre was shaking, he didn't allow her to completel her sentence because of thing.

She is going to tell him she aborted the baby because she hates him.

He didn't want to hear that. It will kill him.

"You're a murderer Raina Page. Get out of my house now!" He said.

Raina couldn't believe her ears. Andre is asking her to leave his house?

She looked at him a bit dazed.

"Andre please...I was.. "

Raina was cut short again

"Shut up and get out" Andre repeated.

Raina walked slowly to her closet, her eyes welling up moisture.

Is he going to divorce her and get together with that Hollywood diva?

Raina bit her lower lip trying to control herself from crying.

"He didn't even allow me to explain.

I knew he will never listen to my own side of the story." Muttered.

"What are you doing in there?" Andre asked blinking tears from his eyes.

Raina was just two overwhelmed to talk.

"Did I tell you to pack your clothes?

You're so dumb Raina "

"Let me see your foot outside this side" he added

What? Was she serious about that? She wanted to leave the house?

To where exactly? She must be seriously kidding.

Leave me? Andre thought watching Raina as she put back her clothes.

He was going too far. Yes too far but for her to kill his child, she must hate him so much.

Andre was imagining how beautiful or handsome their child would have looked like.

If it was girl, she would look exactly like her mother.

And if it was a boy he would look like him or may even resemble his mother.

No matter who they resemble, who cares.

What is important is Raina being their mother.

Raina turned and met his gaze but he looked away and left the room.

When Andre left the room, Raina heaved a sigh of relief and thought of calling Evelyn or Yvonne to at least help her explain to him.

She immediately thought against the idea.

Andre is cold and arrogant.

He doesn't listen to anyone. He's only gonna treat them like a piece of shit that's only if he allows them to even go close to him.

He acts high and mighty to everyone.

Any one working under him works with caution.

Whenever he has a meeting with his board of directors, one can hear even a faint sound of a dropping needle.

Raina shook off the thought and took small strides to the window.


Andre fled the house and returned five days later.

He haf spent five nights in his other mansion located in the outskirts of New York.

He had to clear his head. He had to convinced himself that Raina doesn't hate him.

Unlike other days, Andre was very gentle when he made love to Raina tonight.

Even Raina herself was surprised.

When he had his release, it was as if all his seeds were squeezed out from him.

He pulled out and hung Raina from behind shutting his eyes.

He wasn't sleeping but was thinking about Raina.

Raina wasn't sleeping too, she was thinking about him.

But why does she hate him so much?

Andre said in his mind...." Love you so fucking much Raina. Please don't hate me. Even when you killed our child"

Then he decided to ask her, he knew she wasn't sleeping.

"Why did you do it Raina?"

Raina knew exactly what he was asking her

"Andre...I I don't" Raina started but was cut of by Andre.

"Shhh...sleep" it was just a simple question and you want to burst my eardrums " Andre said with and emotionless voice.

He crawled away from Raina to his own side of the bed.

What a girl! She wanted to say it to my face that she aborted the child because she doesn't like me.

Is he angry with me now? The asked herself.

When she slept, Andre got up and took some wet tissue and cleaned her up before walking outside to the balcony to smoke away his life.