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💋 The Nation's Husband💋 Chapter 2

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Andre carefully cleaned Raina with a wet tissue and sighed softly before leaving to the bathroom.

Having been exhausted, Raina sung into a deep sleep at least that would make her feel better when she wakes up.

Andre finished taking his shower and strolled to the balcony lighting a stick of cigarette.

He was in a complete daze. The thought of his marriage to Page's daughter ran through his head.

He continued to send puff into the air.

Often times when he's depressed, he'd drink himself to stupor and he'd finish at least two packets of cigarette in less than an hour.

Up until now Andre can't still understand why he went into smoking and since then he can't bring himself to stop the habit.

When Chief Page ran to him for help, he had used that to his advantage.

Not that he wouldn't have helped him out of the mess without asking for conditions but this has been what he wanted for the past eleven years.

At that time he was poor and definitely could not measure up to the wealth of the Page's family.

He had determined to work hard and become rich so he could be worthy to have their daughter whom he had loved since when he was young.

He can still remember clearly when she had rejected him repeatedly crying her eyes out when she was informed she was going to marry him.

Sadness crept through his heart as he continued to stare at the dazzling streets light illuminating his neighborhood.

The person he loves deeply doesn't love him.

The only person he cares so much about in this world only sees him as a stranger.

That person that turned him into a workaholic and made him to have sleepless nights trying to build Renaissance Entertainment from the scratch and became it's CEO.

That person that made him to turn down other girls who have been havoring him like flies.

He had loved and cherished only her.

When she was still in the university and he could not affored to attend the same school with her, he would go and hide somewhere on her campus just to see her.

He would attend all the activities on her campus so he can get the opportunity to see her.

So all these years he had wasted his time for someone who didn't care a rap about him.

But all in all he still can't stay without seeing her so he had rushed home for lunch this afternoon so he can be by her side.

But each time he's with her, he ends up hurting her.

Andre felt as though he was stabbed with a thousand knives

Just as he was about to turn towards his study, he sensed a faint movement around him.

When he turned Raina was already there staring at him with those beautiful eyes.

He froze slightly before going back to his cold self.

Raina took few bold steps to where he stood and managed to asked

"What will you like for dinner?"

Once those words went out, Raina lowered her head and dared not looked him in the eye.

After what seemed like minutes, Andre finally replied coldly.

"I'm not hungry"

His voice sounded scary as though addressing his enemy.

Raina balled her hand into a fist and retorted with an "oh" and left wordlessly.

Andre looked at her retreating figure while suppressing the rage that was building up in his heart.

After finishing the last stick of his cigarette, he entered the bedroom, grabbed his car keys from the vanity table and headed to his car outside.


When Raina heard his movement from where she was about to prepare dinner, she became nervous.

At first she thought he was coming to the kitchen but when she heard the sound of his car, she let ou a sigh of relief and became more relaxed.

Her thought took her to the words of Evelyn though not her biological sister but since she was brought up by her parents she has learnt to take her as her sister.

She had advised her against marrying Andre Shaw.

Raina can still remember those few but powerful words by her senior sister Evelyn

"Andre shaw is a monster and so he's gonna treat you like some trash who doesn't worth a tip of his finger" she had said.

Raina's heart had broken into a million pieces because Andre had been her dream guy.

She would paste his poster on her head board so she could see his handsome face before she go to bed.

And some times would sleep with the CDs of the movies he was starring piled up under her pillow so she can dream about him.

Evelyn was not wrong anywhere. After all, is he not treating her like a trash?