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10 Things we rarely know about the White House

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the great white house was built in the year 1792 under the supervision of the first president of the United States George Washington. and the irish born architect name james hoban. the property encloses 98 acres of land. and the building of course itself. is roughly 55 thousand square feet. there are 132 rooms 35 bathrooms and six levels in the residence. there are 412 doors 127 windows 28 fireplaces 8 staircase and 3 elevators in the white house that was build in the late 1881. the white house requires atleast 8 gallons of paint in order to cover the outside surfaces. it has 10 rooms in the floor at the ground and composes of two main corridor six restrooms eight rooms on the state floor for guests and visitors of the Presidents. one entrance hall. 16 rooms one main corridor six bathrooms and one restrooms on the second floor, larger than an average american homes which is roughly 2,500 square feet but then so on again the white house is both a home for the first family and a full time office and operation center for the executive branch. the very last major renovation of this iconic building took place in the year 1940 and it is so unlikely to undergo in any serious changes in the near future.


Many people are unaware that the basement of the white house is essentially functions like a mini malls alongside the situation room to where the president meets his advisers during a serious crisis. there is a small area beneath the building that houses a flower shop, a carpenter shop, and also believe it or not?, a Dental surgery so the president would not have to leave the house. these bussiness are totally self - sufficient and works really hard to keep up the House's massive demands. today, the flowershop purchases flowers in a bulk and refrigerates them for use in state dinners and decorations all around the white house residence. also we cannot missed the one and only bowling alley that is installed by President nixon in 1969. there had been previously a bowling alley in the west wing built for president truman in 1947 which had been moved into the executive office building in 1955. after the Recording Industry Association of America suggested that the white house library should be expanded to include sound recordings that the trade group donated over 2,200 LPS during president nixon and carter's administration. when ronald reagan took office, the collection was moved to the white house basement where it is still located until today.


Recent research has uncovered that the majority of laborers working in the field, responsible for the construction of the White house and other buildings in the U.S capitol were slaves. yes Black slaves. on 24th July 2016. first lady michelle obama gaved a well received speech amid what was otherwise a contentious night at Democratic National Convention during which she asserted that the white house has been built by the slaves. the remark was a relatively minor detail and mrs obama's larger commentary about progress in the United States. however some people does have a very difficult time considering that the white house is such a result of cruel practice. the facts remains! that slaves did much more than build the White house. they also worked there over the course of seven presidencies.jefferson,madison,monroe,jackson,tyler,polk and taylor. all owned slaves while living in the white house. in fact slaves were lodged at the white house far past it's construction. Jefferson was the first to bring the slaves a dozens of his household servants from Monticello to 1600 Pensylvannia. after jefferson. Madison brought slaves from his virginia states, following the building's destruction during the war of 1812 slave labour was also used to rebuild the mansion between the year 1814 up to the year 1818. this is the most cruel and darkest parts in the history of the United states. but it is important to confront us all the same.


Working in the White house may seems so incredibly cushy and sometimes maybe seems to awkward, but when it comes to food and drink the presidential home is not a garden of roses. it turns out that even a leader of the free world doesn't get a free lunch although the President's rent and utilities are all entirely covered. thanks to American taxpayers. their groceries are all absolutely aren't . now there is a long standing idea the President is expected to have a payment for many of the same expenses the average of the americans does. while the white house is paid for normal americans have to buy their groceries and so is the hailed chief!. the good news is there are extremely talented chefts on the white house staff who turns those shopped groceries into incredible meals, lunch and dinners. also in addition to this is the White house also has it's own beer. the Obama presidency, marked the first time alcohol was brewed in the white house.

the honey ale alcohol is made from the hives of the bees in the south lawns and is sessionable even when congress isn't. 132 rooms in the white house three of them was kitchens. in additions to the very main kitchen, the house also boasts a pastry kitchen and a family kitchen in the executive residence for an everyday breakfasts,meals and dinners that the first family can enjoy in delight of the most yummiest foods together. all of these services are paid for with the rest like food cosmetics and toothpaste come directly out of the President's salary.


Do you love household cute little buddies like dogs and cats ? or maybe an exotic one like snakes and alligators ?. well it's uncommon for presidents to have pets in the white house. the very first white house dog received regular newspaper coverage was warren g. Harding's dog, laddieboy. pets also featured on Presidential elections, herbert hoover got a belgian police dog name King tut during his campaign, and pictures of him with his dog went across all the United States. but more than dogs have lived in the white house. the wife of John quincy adams the 6th president had silkworms the herbert hoover the 31th president had an opposum. and calvin coolidge the 30th President had a racoon name rebecca that had walked on a leash. Theodore roosevelt the 26th president was famous for his many pets. his 6 kids has a serpent,dogs,cats,badger,birds and guinea pigs. when roosevelt's son archie got a measles his brother quentin thought a visit from the family pony might cheer him up. so quentin putted the animals on the white house elevator and brought it to archie's upstairs room. President Donald trump bucks this tradition as the POTUS and about the 150 years have no pets at the white house. he is certainly in the minority as virtually every other first family had ever had a pet in the white house.


The most famous adress in all United States is 1600 pensylvannia avenue, is also perhaps the country's most famous haunted house!. President's first ladies, White house staff members. and the guests have their testimonies reported that they have experience a ghostly presences. hearing unexplained noises and even running into actual apparitions. in fact? the Ghost of abigail adams, john adam's wife has been seen numerous times heading towards the east room while it's arm is out stretched! as if carrying a laundry. in the early 1860's first lady mar todd lincoln who believed strongly in the occult and reportedly held seances in the White house to commune with the spirits of her dead sons's told friends, she had heard Andrew jackson stomping and swearing through the halls of presidential residence. the rose room that becomes jackson's bedchamber while he was President was believed by some to be the most haunted rooms in the White house. but of abraham lincoln's ghost is by far the most famous spirit to haunt the house. sightings of other witnesses always usually place abraham lincoln in the lincoln bedroom and in the yellow oval room. first lady grace coolidge, prime minister winston churchill and queen wilhemina of netherlands claim to have seen lincoln. the first families have had a great fun with lincoln's and pulled out a pranks on guest staying in the lincoln bedroom over the years.


The first President to install electric lighting at the White house was none other but Benjamin harisson. in 1891. but he never touch the light switches himself. for fear of being electrocuted. this was a very reasonable fear given how crude household wirings can be at a time. electric lighting is installed in the White house in 1891. few people at that time had enough faith in electric use it exclusively because it's use was barely a decade old. the electrical work at the white house was planned as part of a well funded project for wiring the state war and navy building. next door. Harrisson was not only suspicious of electricity, he was deathly afraid of being shocked or electrocuted. by coming into contact with these new force of nature. as a result, at times light at the second floor residence of the President were sometimes remained burning throughout the night. but Harrison left the risky taks of turning of lights on and off to the staff. of the President's house, reasoning that it would be better that a staff member receive a shock of electoral current. than the elected President of the United states.


In some points of the time of histories. the magnificent White house is opened to the public. these days it is extremely difficult to access the Executive room even if you are a Government employee. but in the year 1800.when it opened the white house in public, to partake in the Presidential food and drink. John adamns believed that the White house was build to serve the People and even let them graze their livestock on the open lawn this went on until 1814 when the British army burned the White house and james monroe installed an iron gate and fence.


The Birth of a nation is a highly contentious film the 1915 epic story, pseudo historical drama, reimagines the entire world a revisionist take on the American civil war. it is renowned for being both extremely artistically valuable and deeply racist. the films has been credited with the rebirth of ku klux klan and has a bigoted plot. however Birth of a nation was a the first movie ever screened at the white house. the film was facilitated by woodrow wilson, soon after the film's release. after seeing the film an ethusiastic wilson have reportedly been remarked!. it is like writing history with lightning and my only regret is that it is also terribly true.


The emblemic White house. home and oval office to the President of the United States. it is one of the most iconic buildings in the world. and yet so many people do not know nor unaware of the oirigin to the question that is " why is it so white ? "

nor the name white house. well, about 200 years ago when the U.S with a brand new people began to talk about where the President should live. the President live in the North or the south, should the President's house be a palace like the king's one. the Congress have debated what to build and where to build it. The first president Washington lived in Three houses. the first 2 were in New york. and the 3rd was in pensylvannia. finally washington decided to compromised. he picked a patch of land on potomac river. both maryland and virginia gave land for new capital. the land was so located on the border of the north and south. at that time there were no western states. George washington named the island

" DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA " in honour of Christopher columbus. originally the house color wasn't really from a paint. but from a lime based whitewash. the walls are made of sandstone and the liquid so is made to keep porous rocks from freezing. during the month of winter. workers would redo the whitewash to ward off weather damage so the color always looked fresh. even though it's official name was " PRESIDENT'S HOUSE ". the massive white house was such a landmark that it soon earned the nickname of the new guested, " THE WHITE HOUSE ". but it was not until 1901 that Theodore roosevelt officially adopted the name.....