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10 Ways to increase passion in bed

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You may think that you have got the whole pleasure scenario weighed up, leaving you and your partner fully satisfied. But what about that niggling thought at the back of your brain that says – “That was wonderful, but how wonderful? 100%? 95% or maybe less??! So, what if we told you there are even more ways that you could increase the passion percentage? Something that you already know but have maybe been neglecting? Something altogether different? Something that you have never even heard of before or possibly considered?? What if we told you that you could just read on and see if anything there takes things up a notch!? OK! READ ON!

1.    Let’s start at the beginning and by that we mean sort yourself out one red hot partner. If you are already dating escorts then this time make sure that you are booking one of the best from this Manchester escorts agency, because these Manchester escorts are sizzling!

2.    Passion may already be running through your veins like a torrent, but slow down. Give your full attention to some serious foreplay. The whole point of foreplay is to increase the sexual tension, increase the desire for each other’s bodies and OMG is it GOOD??! It may all be about you on an escort date, but she will reward you 10-fold if she is totally turned on by your attentions, That’s chemistry. Any escort will love it – Braford escorts or Manchester escorts!

3.    Chooseone of the Preston escorts, if that’s where you hang out, to dress in a special way for you. If you want the virginal look, ask her to dress in white. The contrast between her pure white dress and her licentious ways will make your mind crackle like electricity with such a provocative image. Dressing up is always a turn on, whether it is the kinky lingerie, the role play costumes, or simply the stockings and suspenders, what turns you on, when indulged, is a massive thrill!

4.    In fact, role play deserves a section on its own! Because it is more than the clothes or the uniform. It is what lies behind it. We all have those little triggers that send a rush of desire through us. Could be that traffic warden that you caught writing a ticket, one minute past the allotted time, it’s not lust that you felt! But when she turned around and you saw a girl who you wanted, right there and then, it is a mixture of emotions that you can use to advantage in the future. The French maid, the sexy nurse, the schoolteacher perhaps? It’s your fantasy and any of these fun-loving escorts in Manchester, or the escorts in Preston, or Bradford will fully play along!

5.    Some people like to talk, others like to talk dirty. If that gives a kick to your sensual adventures then tell us when you call to book, an escort Preston clients book who understands the game will encourage a discourse between you that will get things hotting up. It is a huge turn on for many, men and women, so ask when you book your Manchester escort and both get down to the nitty gritty!

6.    Doing something new!Going for the same old may be nice, but it is probably not moving mountains! Whether it is new positions, a threesome, or an escort when you have never been with an escort before perhaps! Learning new sexual skills is something that can be done at any age and maybe booking a mature escort, who is ultra-experienced, might be an answer!

7.    Taking things up a level and exploring light domination, or alternatively submission can reveal a whole new world of satisfaction. Keep it light and see if it’s for you, suss out the concept of the pain to pleasure ratio and see if it’s your kind of thing.

8.    Kick the routine. Twice a week? Always on a Friday? Whatever your routine is – alter it. When, where, how, none of these things need be predictable!!!

9.    Have some fun with adult toys, if you never have, then request your agency escort from Shush brings along her bag of toys. With so many toys available there will be something that awakens you in some way with a bang!

10.    Got a favourite escort? Go for someone different. Research tells us that we do get less inspired by the same partner over time, so go for someone totally different. This premium escorts agency has so many sexy babes available that you are spoilt for choice anyway!!!