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11-Year-Old Pianist Dresses Up In A Crocodile Costume Every Week To Perform Before Group Of Lemurs In Thailand Zoo

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An 11-year-old pianist in Thailand dressed in a crocodile costume to perform some music before a crowd of Lemurs at a zoo.

Seenlada Supat has been performing weekly concerts at Khao Kheow Open Zoo, southeast of Bangkok, to keep the animals’ company while visitation is low because of COVID-19 outbreaks.

“I’m playing music to soothe the animals to help them feel relaxed and give them company so they are not too lonely,” Supat said, talking about her performance.

Supat pays keen attention to her costume; she dons a bright green alligator suit, which she believes help blend in with her audiences. So far Supat has played music before not only lemurs, but her audience also includes meerkats, hippos and zebras.

Supat’s music ― a medley of Thai folk and pop songs ― seems to be striking a chord with the zoo animals, especially the lemurs who often hop on the keyboard. Although some people may find it annoying, Supat enjoys it when the lemurs get close to her.

“I wanted them to be involved with me while I’m playing music,” she said, according to Reuters. “I don’t mind, it’s as if they’re playing music with me too.”

Zoo director Tawin Rattanawongsawat is in awe of Supat’s services and he says that the animals are also very fond of her music.

“We noticed that the animals were reacting,” Tawin said. “They became curious while others appeared to be enjoying the music.”