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13 Reasons Why Is Receiving More Backlash. Are We Surprised?

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'13 Reasons Why' has received a ton of backlash since it’s inception on Netflix. It was a novel long before it hit the small screen, but everyone seems to forget that. The first season was riddled with complaints about trigger warnings, glorifying suicide, and more. Don’t get me wrong, all of it was warranted, and season one could have been handled more tactfully.

This time around, the fans are acting out in a way that goes completely against the message of the show. Backlash has risen over a new character taking over as the lead narrator of the story despite not being present for the first two seasons. The cyber-bullying has been so intense the young start felt driven to delete everything on her Instagram to avoid the hate.

For people mad about the show not handling bullying and suicide with tact, they sure were quick to jump on the bullying bandwagon when it suited them.

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