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17-Year-Old Shooter In Kenosha Now Charged For Murder

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Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, who shot and killed two people and injured one at a protest in Kenosha, WI on Tuesday night is now finally being charged for murder. At the protest that was seeking justice for Jacob Blake, a Black man shot 7 times by the police, Rittenhouse arrived with an assault rifle and was caught on video several times throughout the night of the protest. He was caught on one of those videos shooting protesters, which resulted in the two deaths and injury. 

The shooting incident was triggered by a conflict that occurred between the protesters and the militia at a nearby gas station and gunshots were heard from close by. As people scattered, Rittenhouse was seen in a green t-shirt being pursued by someone seemingly trying to disarm him. They were hidden by a car when you could hear multiple gunshots fired. 

Rittenhouse is a Lake County, IL resident and it was reported that he allegedly fled the county in order to avoid prosecution for the murders and was labeled a fugitive. 

The murderer was a police cadet, Trump supporter, and a supporter of the "Back the Blue" movement, which backs police officers, law enforcement, and anything they may do under their capacity. Many similar-natured pro-police protesters have been showing up armed at protests to defend "public property," untouched by the police no matter how violent they get. 

It was reported that Rittenhouse was seen talking to a police officer at the Kenosha protest who thanked him for being there.