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2 Killed In Plane Crash As Extravagant Gender Reveal Party Goes Horribly Wrong

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Two people were killed in a plane crash after a gender reveal party went terribly wrong.

The plane which crashed was supposed to fly over a boat in Cancun, Mexico, to announce the sex of an expecting couple’s child. But the plane landed in the sea instead, killing two of the four people aboard.

The Cancun media outlet La Prensa Latino shared the video of the unfortunate accident. First onlookers could be heard cheering ‘it’s a girl,’, but soon the cheers turn into screams as the plane nosedives into the water. La Prensa Latino has refrained from divulging the identities of the deceased, as well as of the couple who were celebrating the gender reveal due to privacy concerns.

But according to the news portal, the expecting parents and their family and friends were gathered on a boat in the Nichupte Lagoon at about 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, when the Cessna 206 — rented from a company called Xomex — crashed into the ocean.

Francisco Fernández Millán, the president of the Nautical Association of Quintana Roo, told La Prensa Latino that emergency services had tried to rescue the passengers but one died while receiving first aid and another while the rescue was ongoing.

The New York Post said the Federal Civil Aviation Agency had launched an investigation to find out what caused the crash.