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2019 Best Moments Spotlight: Angela Ross Becomes First Trans Woman to Host a Presidential Forum

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Angelica Ross became the first trans woman to host a presidential forum.

Pose star Angelica Ross recently hosted a presidential forum this past September, and though she faced controversy afterwards, she was a badass. She led the two-hour LGBTQ forum that took place in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The Guardian reported that the presidential forum was the first "dedicated to the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender voters since 2007."

Ross spoke with The Guardian about the historic moment of a trans person hosting the forum, stating that it was "about damn time....And not just for myself," she continued, "but for black trans women whose voices have been so powerful, necessary and missing in this movement."

The historic, controversial and moving LGBTQ Presidential Forum held in Iowa on Sept. 20. The Advocate, GLAAD, the Iowa newspaper, The Gazette and One Iowa presented the forum, which was broadcast live Cedar Rapids, Iowa.