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2019 Comic Spotlight: "Sara" Is The Perfect Soviet-Sniper-Set WW2 Binge-Read

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The new publisher TKO Studios is revolutionizing the way that comics are produced and consumed, co-founded by writer and director Tze Chun, is determined to change the way readers consume comics. They're attempting a binge-reading model and gifting readers complete six-issue stories altogether as paperback collections, box sets of single issues and digital copies. Sara written by Punisher alum Garth Ennis with art from Elizabeth Breitweiser and Steve Epting, was one of the best comics to emerge from the studios and on the market in 2019.

Sara, a Soviet sniper, must take the war to the Eastern Front Nazis. Ennis does these stories fine justice, having written WW2-era fiction in both the Adventures in the Rifle Brigade and War Stories as well as revealing Frank Castle's beginnings in the Vietnam War during Punisher MAX. Eptings also done his time in the war art trenches. These creators are deep in their element with Sara. The pacing is "bomb" with the ticking of tense exchanges between shivering snipers and explosive action that makes for great pacing.

Ennis and Epting's Sara diverges from tired military clichés, effectively spotlighting female and women-led snipers of the WW2 era. The comic is perfect for binge-readers who are looking for a different storyline from a very different publisher.