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2019 Game Spotlight: Get Lost in 90’s Web Space With Hypnospace Outlaw

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Hypnospace Outlaw dives right into historical fiction, and accurately, with unparalleled finesse in contemporary satire. It sounds like some high art film, but we're talking computer games here. Get ready 90's kids and fans. This tricky "little" puzzle game is set in the late-90's, in a web hub much like GeoCities. It waxes nostalgic without making itself a cliché.

Love a good mystery and view yourself as lawful good? Take down virus makers, copyright infringers, trolls, scammers and hackers through investigation, lateral thing and good old-fashioned, Sherlock-like deduction. Evolve to chaotic neutral as you experiment with solutions that seem so elusive you'll lose your teeth from all the grinding.

In this internet simulator from the 90's, you'll navigate wonderful and weird websites to track down the wrongdoers. Don't forget to stay on top of your inbox alerts, avoid questionable adware and viruses and download hopefully useful apps to do your job as a community enforcer justice. When you emerge from the game, you'll think about your digital life in a whole new way.