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2020's Most Powerful Storm Has Hit The Philippines And It's Wrecking Havoc There

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Typhoon Goni is driving across the Philippines and it has already killed at least 4 people in the Southeast-Asian region. The Philippines is used to powerful storms, but this year the citation was different due to the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. On Sunday, Goni made landfall as a super typhoon at Catanduanes island at 04:50 local time (19:50 GMT Saturday). The typhoon has been accompanied by disastrous 225km/h (140mph) winds and torrential rainfall. The storms have brought down power lines in the area and it is being reported that it is the most lethal typhoon to have struck the world this year.

The storm has since abated as it crosses the main island of Luzon, where the capital Manila is located. But meteorologists lash-flooding, landslides, and "sediment-laden streamflows", along with a resurgence of heavy rains. In the Philippines, Goni is the most powerful storm since 2013’s Typhoon Haiyan, which killed more than 6000 people in the region.

BBC believes that major damage has occurred in the small town of Virac on Catanduanes island. It is concerned that the village that is home to some 70,000 has been rendered entirely inhabitable after the storm. Goni has removed roofs from homes, caused damage to infrastructure, and disrupted the area’s power and internet supply. the small town of Virac on Catanduanes island. The Philippines had launched a mass evacuation to remove people from high-danger zones, but it is struggling in providing them shelter because of spaces being used up for quarantine.

Source: BBC