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2,800 Pound Aerial Firework is the New World Record

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STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, CO -- I've seen some huge and beautiful fireworks in my time, but the 1.4 ton firework launched above the Steamboat Springs Winter Carnival in Steamboat Springs, Colorado is more than just big: it's record-breaking. The explosive has outdone the 2018 record, set in the United Arab Emirates, by approximately 400 pounds. It was launched 2,200 feet (approximately 671 meters) into the air, an impressive feat that the development team wasn't able to achieve with last year's attempt.

Last year, Tim Borden and his team attempted to break the former record, but were disappointed when the shell exploded inside the mortar while still grounded. But this year, after seven years of development, the Guinness Book of World Records has verified that the new shell is indeed the largest ever to be launched. Even more impressive is the amount of snow that needed to be cleared: over 2 feet (0.61 meters) of snow fell on the launch site, and had to be cleared before the attempt could even be made.

As for the view, accounts of the event, including one from 'The Steamboat Pilot & Today' described the firework as a "a dazzling display of red and white over Howelsen Hill," which TIME reports "[turned] the sky bright red and [drew] gasps from the crowd." Congratulations to Borden and his team on a successful launch!

Photo: Pixabay