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3 Exotic Holiday Foods To Try

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Everyone has their traditional holiday meals; turkey, meatloaf, fruitcake, but have you ever wanted to explore something new? Here are 3 holiday foods from different countries that may entice you to explore.


Many countries start their festivities on December 24th and Mexico is no exception. “Families start by breaking a piñata that’s filled with all sorts of locally made candies in chili and tamarind flavors.” According to Josh Kremer, an owner of the Paradero Hotels. After the piñata, dinner happens between 7 - 10 p.m. Pozole often begins the meal which is a stew with corn kernels along with beef or pork and a variety of spices and condiments like cilantro, cheeses, and chiles. Then they usually makes a stuffed turkey for the main entre followed by flan for dessert. Don't forget the tequila to pair with dinner though!

Pozole and side dishes


The French also enjoy their meals on December 24th according to Francois Payard, a chef from Nice. Around 8 p.m. dinner begins with a seafood course, generally consisting of shrimp scampi or lobster thermidor - a baked dish of lobster, egg yolks, mustard, and brandy. The main course is chicken called a capon (indicating a male rooster known for tenderness) along with sides of sautéed chestnuts and mashed potatoes. Dessert is similar to our yule log (Christmas cake) called Bûche de Noël. The French pair their meals a Burgundy wine.

Bûche de Noël


A celebrity Greek chef named Maria Loi cave insight into Greek life during the holidays. “Families sit around the fireplace and eat a special wheat bread that we make only at Christmas,” she says. “Some households also eat pork sausages. It’s the only [occasion] Greeks eat pork because the meat is not common in our cuisine.” Dinner begins on Christmas Eve around 7 p.m. after early morning communion, Greeks have a feast. Appetizers often consist of honey cookies, such as almond or walnut. Dinner is usually a cooked chicken stuffed with chestnuts or a braised pork dish. Dessert ends the night with light baked apples or Greek yogurt with honey. They like to pair their meals with red wine.

Roasted Chicken