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3 reasons for the growth of FREE FIRE

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1. STORAGE:- Many people have the problem of storage not available they can easily download this game. There might be some people claming that what about custom expansion pack. For them I want to tell its an optional thing to download . So enjoy😄

2. Supporting Low End Device:- This is one of the best things in my view because it is taking care of every gamer either he is low end user or high end. Every one has right to play game

3. Imaginary/Cartoonish Graphics:- Many people are hating or making fun of free fire regarding its graphics. For them I want to tell. Because of that type of imaginary thing many usefull items like TREATMENT GUN, ICE GUN, GLOO WALL & many more are available which takes the gameplay to next level

This much for this post hope you like it Stay tuned for part 2😄