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3 Reasons Online Education is Better than In-Person

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Online learning platforms are becoming increasingly common, and more students are opting for online education and tutoring versus the brick and mortar alternative. There are a variety of reasons to choose to go to school online, and traditional institutions are starting to feel the pressure. Here are 3 of the top reasons to leave the physical classroom behind.

1. Convenient Schedule

A traditional student has to coordinate their school, work, and personal lives around a class schedule. This us especially difficult for students with a long commute, or those who have to arrange childcare. With a totally online experience, they still have some schedule shuffling to do, but without the added time for travel, and the freedom to work when it's convenient, it's a great relief to attend school on the web.

2. Personalization

Increasingly, students have demanded a more individualized approach to learning. As any teacher will tell you, this is difficult to accomplish in an in-class setting. Online, however, students utilize personalized tutoring services and online tools, allowing them to receive an essentially tailored experience.

3. Geographical and Physical Barriers

Have a dream school, but can't move? No worries, online education has you covered. Students all over the world have unprecedented access to online education services, which gives more choices of institutions to students who would otherwise be unable to attend at all. Not to mention, students who are homebound due to illness or disability can get the benefit of an education, without having to leave home.

What are some reasons you'd opt for online education? Let us know below!

Photo: Pixabay