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3 Simple Herbs for Beginners

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Good news, aspiring gardeners! Keeping an herb garden isn't as difficult as it might sound. Unlike bigger fruit and vegetable plants, many herbs don't require much space to thrive enough to support your kitchen, and many need very little hands-on care. So if you have an empty kitchen window and a fondness for fresh herbs, read on to learn what you can start growing right now.

1. Basil

This one is by far my favorite plant to grow. Not only does it smell amazing right from the beginning, but there's a basil variety for almost any climate, should you choose to grow outdoors. It's very hard, and withstands more neglect than some plants will tolerate. Keep it well groomed and in moist, well drained soil, and you may even have a two season or more plant! For beginners, I recommend italian sweet basil or genovese basil, but if you're feeling ambitious, try purple, tulsi, or cinnamon basil!

2. Mint

If you love mint in your food, or even just the smell, you'll live the ease of keeping for mint plants. You'll need to keep it in a separate container or growing space away from other plants, though, because mint can become invasive if left unchecked. Like basil, it likes a little sun and moist soil, so as long as you keep it under control, you'll enjoy the wonderful scent and cuttings of mint for months! Make sure to remove any flower buds, or you won't get many leaves. Try out peppermint for an easy grow, or chocolate mint and citrus mint for a slight variant.

3. Rosemary

Does your kitchen smell amazing yet? Round it out with a little rosemary! It doesnt do well in the cold, so keep it indoors if possible, in a sunny window. Like the other herbs so far, it should never sit in water, but make sure to water when the soil feels dry to the touch. It's especially important to keep rosemary's soil well drained! Blue boh snd white rosemary are probably your best bet, but if you choose another, make sure it's scented well for cooking, because some rosemary varieties become huge, basically inedible shrubs!

Now you have a great start for your herb garden! Stay tuned for more recommendations, and to find out how to set up a window garden!

Photo: Pixabay