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3 Ways to Get Moving While Social Distancing

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Although we find ourselves with so much free time, we technically have less to do because we can't go out and do all the normal activities we'd like to. That means it's really easy to allow ourselves to be lazy and sedentary in our homes at this time.

But that means, now more than ever, it's important to keep our bodies moving. Staying healthy isn't just important to our physical health. It's important to our mental health too. If you don't take care of your mental health than that stir craziness will soon turn into true cabin fever. And if you don't take care of your physical health, then the scary thing is you're more at risk of contracting the coronavirus if you come into contact with it.

So here are a few ways to stay active from your home!


Follow YouTube workout tutorials:

YouTube is abundant with workout videos of all kinds. From yoga and meditation to HITT workouts and specific targeted-area routines. And with the everyone staying inside and needing something to do, online content creators are churning out more videos than ever.

And don't worry about not being well-versed in workout routines. There are so many videos for beginners. Plus, imagine how satisfied you'll be with yourself if you start doing them regularly and upgrade to harder workouts as your body gets in shape!

At home workouts can provide almost the same atmosphere as attending an in-person spin or yoga class; you just have to be a little more diligent in sticking to the workout and not giving up early. And hey! If you do have to tap out early at first, that's okay. Your body has been winding down in all this downtime, and it needs time to warm up again.


Go for ample walks (just stay away from others):

We may be social distancing, but a lot of us are not truly locked down or quarantined. So while you still need to be careful and keep the recommended distance away from others, you can still go outside for fresh air.

Go for walks around your neighborhood and maybe lose yourself in an audiobook. If you need to make a necessary trip for groceries to a corner store down the street, take a walk instead of driving yourself there if you won't have too much to carry back. Or drive to a favorite trail and walk the trails while enjoying nature. If you have a pup, make sure to bring them along because otherwise they’ll be so upset if they find out you walked in the good outdoors without them.

There are plenty of opportunities to get your body moving and to rid yourself of the feeling that you're completely trapped in your home. You just have to get out there and enjoy the outdoors!


Do extra cleaning:

When I say extra, I mean EXTRA. We're not talking the usual maintenance of cleaning your bathroom, cleaning your kitchen, and vacuuming your carpets. I mean get to the stuff that you previously kept putting off because you didn't have time for it.

Clean out your closets. Reorganize your cupboards. Get rid of some clothes you don't wear anymore.

In-depth projects will give you something to do, get you moving your body, and make you feel accomplished when the project is done. It may not be a true workout, but you'll still feel the effects later and barely notice while it's happening.

I hope these ideas help and everyone is staying safe and healthy in these strange times!

All images sourced from Unsplash.