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4 Completely Normal Sexual Fantasies According To Experts

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Sex is notably a controversial property in several cultures. There are certain things that can be titillating, yet they ought to confuse even the most sex-positive people. Kinks and sexual fantasies vary from being necessary to completely obnoxious. But experts believe that certain sexual fantasies are good for health, self-esteem and anxiety. Below you will find examples of some of the most common fantasies people experience — and how to act on them safely.

1. Rough Sex: Animalistic, violent sex is often depicted to be unhealthy and abusive. But if proper consent is sought, and both partners are ready for it, then rough sex is not intrinsically dangerous. BDSM or psychological roleplay arouses some by light restraint, while others by physical pain.

2. Sex in Public: This is another common sexual fantasy. According to Lehmiller, at least 81% men and 84% of women have fantasied about having sex at a public place. Public sex acts are illegal across the USA, therefore this can’t actually be put into practice.

3. Roleplay and Cosplay: In roleplay, people assume unsuspected identities, while in cosplay, they take up the attire of a popular movie, video game, or comic book character. Impersonation is enjoyable for some people, and it helps play out fantasies of power imbalances or as strangers.

4. Romantic sex: Described by experts as sex with strong emotional and erotic connections, it is slow and sensuous and it doesn’t necessarily evoke an end goal of orgasm. 91% of straight men, 88% of straight women, and 87% of gay and bisexual men and women fantasize about having romantic intercourse with their current sex partner.