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4 Proven Ways To Identify Fake Cards

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Spotting fake Pokemon cards takes much of an effort, but it gets simpler gradually with practice. Counterfeits, however, need to be distinguished through features that are only exclusive to the real ones. And for that, you require knowledge of genuine cards in order to set them apart from fake ones.

Here are a few ways to spot fake Pokemon cards.

1. The colors at the back of the cards:

The back of a real Pokemon card has an artful pattern that is composed of a mixture of multiple shades of blue. There are alternating strokes of dark and light blue, followed by some white spots. Fake cards are, however, filled with only a single shade of blue.

2. Spelling mistakes

This is perhaps a no-brainer, Fake cards are full of spelling errors. And the font of the text is also dissimilar to the genuine cards. Real cards are thoroughly analyzed before they are released to the market, hence, spelling errors are out of the question.

3. HP and damage points are too high

All fake cards boast surreal HP and hit points. Normally a Pokemon cannot have HP higher than 300 and the same goes for its attacks. So if the particular quantities are anywhere in thousands, the cards are definitely a scam.

4. Printing holographic effect, card material

Fake cards do not master a real card’s holographic effect, and this makes for a ‘burst pixel’ print in the end product. The fake card also appears to be punched out of a cardboard Fake cards wear put easily and they also have a rough texture.

Source: The Card Bazaar