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4 Reasons You Need to Walk Your Dog Every Day

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I can hear my 9 year old self now: "But MOM, why do I have to walk the dog? It's so BORING!" I shudder to think of it now, when walking my dog is now one of the best parts of my day. Our moms were absolutely right to make us take Fido on a quick constitutional, but why does it matter?

If you're like me, you might have a big yard for the dog. It makes sense to assume that this is all your dog needs for exercise, but it's more than the space to move that matters. Here are the real reasons that your furry buddy needs that daily walk:

1. Exercise

This is the obvious one. Dogs, like humans, need exercise to stay healthy. Even if you have a big yard, the familiar space doesn't inspire them to run around, and definitely not if you aren't going to run around with them.

2. Stimulation

Your dog needs to explore and see new and exciting things, just like you. Mental stimulation can be found in really great toys, but nothing beats the changing landscape of your neighborhood block. Will there be squirrels? Puddles? Marks from other dogs to sniff? Your dog wants to know!

3. Socialization

Not only does this mean meeting other dogs, which many pups don't often do without a daily jaunt, but for your relationship, as well. You and Rover will find yourselves closer than ever as you develop a strong training relationship and get that quality 15 minutes of walking. It helps your dog love and trust you even more!

4. Training

As any good trainer knows, leash training is important to your dog's overall behavior. A well trained dog on a leash will remain calm in high stress situations (other dogs! squirrels! yay!), and be more receptive to other commands off the leash. It's a good place to start if you're new to dog ownership.

In short, walk your dog every day. That short time spent with your pup means everything.

Photo: Pixabay