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4 Shows to Watch on Netflix While Social Distancing

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With Netflix original content production on hold due to the COVID-19 situation, and with most of us having to quarantine due to the outbreak, it looks as though we’re going to have to get by with what’s currently on Netflix in our downtime.

Luckily, there are a few shows that recently premiered on the streaming service or that had a new season drop recently that are prime and ready for the watching. So if you’re looking for something great for your social-distancing downtime, here are four shows for you to consider.


For dystopian lovers: Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon returns for its second season, taking up a now familiar format in which the show gave itself the ability to reinvent itself every season. The cyber-punk action show originally followed Takeshi Kovacs a political operative, who’s consciousness had been uploaded in a new body to help the police force uncover the truth about his own murder.

The main character is played by lesser-known actor Joel Kinnaman, initially, but now with season two coming out and the main character’s ability to be uploaded into new bodies, well-known End Game actor Anthony Mackie is leading the show.

The futuristic sci-fi show is a deeply alarming look at the extreme nature of where we could take technology in the future, and it’s well worth the watch in troubled times.

For anime geeks: Castlevania

If you’re looking for something to take you out of the real world and into the strange world of anime, then Castlevania is the show for you. Mourning and seeking revenge over the death of his wife, Count Dracula goes on a murder spree by summoning an army of demons to overrun the country of Wallachia.

The art style is classic and gritty, just as the best of anime ought to be. It’s a story filled with magic and monsters, and the beauty of really good anime is that it manages to tell an incredible story even when approaching that story in a strange and sometimes disjointing way. Castlevania is a prime example of this kind of show.

Its third season just premiered on Netflix, after leaving fans to wait for the beloved show for two years.

For fantasy fanatics: Locke & Key

Locke & Key is a Netflix show that premiered about a month ago and is based on the graphic novel series of the same name that was written by Joe Hill and illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez.

The story follows the Locke family after the tragic death of their father and husband, Rendell. Mom, Nina, uproots her kids—Tyler, Kinsey, and Body—to Key House in Massachusetts to start fresh after the tragedy. It isn’t long before the kids discover Key House is more than just a name, and there are mysterious keys with magical powers hidden all around the house. Coping with life a new school and dangers that arise from another seeking the keys, the kids will have to use their new-found treasures to learn the truth about their dad’s past.

Well-adapted from the original content, this show will have you watching all eight episodes in a single afternoon.

For coming-of-age story watchers: I Am Not Okay With This

Brought to you by the same producers as Stranger Things and The End of the F***ing World, comes a coming-of-age story with a twist.

Starring Sophia Lillis and Wyatt Oleff, both of IT Fame, we follow Sydney Novak who’s coping with the death of her father and her new-found telekinetic powers. Her neighbor Stanley starts taking an interest in her, and she finds herself spending more time with him, while also trying to contain the grief, rage, and telekinetic power that are festering within her.

Equal parts covering the struggle of being a teenager and the life-altering confusion of discovering one has superpowers, this story really grounds fantasy in real life to make for an interesting story to watch.

Whether you’re working from home or out of work, there are a lot of great shows that can help you escape from the worrisome real world out there. It may not make the COVID-19 problem go away, but everyone deserves a little escapism, so get binge watching.


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