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4 Tried And Tested Ways To Speed Up Your Sluggish Laptop Or PC

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Slow and lousy laptops or PC can often prompt you to pick up your machine and throw it against the wall. Once a laptop starts hanging or slows down in performance, people think that its time to throw wads of sums on a system. But in only a few simple ways, you can give your machine a major speed boost and it will as good as new.

Upgrade your RAM: If your laptop is running on 2GB of Random Access Memory, sprucing it up with a few gigabytes is a great way of eking out extra performance. And it does not cost much to do so either. 32-bit Windows; however, limit the maximum RAM capacity to 3 GB, meaning that you might not be able to fully utilise your upgrade.

Get an SSD: You can swap out your laptop’s mechanical hard drive for an SSD. SSDs have no moving parts, and hence their read and write speeds are swifter. Cloning tools such as Todo Backup Free 9.0 can move everything from your old disk to the SSD, putting end to the malaise of reinstalling Windows.

Switching off animations: The fancy, unnecessary graphics on your Windows are cutting down on more productivity than you can imagine. To switch off animations, open your Start Menu and start typing in 'Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows'. Click on this option and from the scroll menu untick everything you don't wish to see on the desktop. Once the space-demanding elements are gone from your screen, your system will run faster and smoother.

Get rid of Bloatware: Latency has been a long-despised Windows woe. Manufacturers often preinstall unwanted apps on their laptops, which slows down their performance. Have an audit of all the software installed on your computer, and get rid of the futile stuff.