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5 TV Shows Starring BIPOC's You Need To Watch

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Now more than ever, we feel the obligation of the media to give BIPOC individuals a platform. It is no secret that a huge way we all are trained to consume media is through restless binging, episode after episode, on Netflix or Hulu. While sometimes we mindlessly go through 12 episodes at a time with only a bathroom break in between, that doesn't mean you are "mindlessly" watching a show. Our subconscious has a lot to do with the way we perceive the world, which is why it is especially important to consume diverse media. 

Here is a list of fun and educational TV sitcoms and shows to watch that star BIPOC actors and individuals:

Sister, Sister

While the show does play on some socioeconomic old-fashioned stereotypes, many of the episode topics are extremely surprising for an early-90s show. Starring the charming twin sisters Tia and Tamera Mowry, playing twin sisters who were each adopted by a different parent at birth who finally meet unexpectedly, the show tackles serious issues like being Black in America, gender inequality, and sexual harassment, making it a relatively progressive show in the media for its time. 


Pose, starring Mj Rodriguez and Dominique Jackson, showcases the struggles of the Black and Latinx LGBTQIA+ communities in 80s New York City, centered around gender-nonconforming ballroom culture. The show is one of the firsts of its kind in representing minorities in that setting. It tackles issues such as gender-nonconforming relationships, ballroom and drag culture, living with AIDS and HIV, and creating family bonds with your community.  

That's So Raven

While you might have been a fan of this show in middle school, I highly suggest re-watching it. The psychic Raven, played by Raven-Symoné, is a middle schooler who has a big secret to hide that sometimes gets her into sticky situations. Although the show is targeted for teens, it still holds weight to it for anyone older than that. Honing in on family values, racial discrimination, and adolescence, making it an important watch for any age. 

Styling Hollywood

The 2019 Reality show is an interesting yet hilarious show to binge-watch one night. It documents the life of a Queer Black couple living in LA, one styling prominent celebrities for the Emmys and Oscars, while the other styles their luxurious million-dollar homes. Don't be fooled by the opulence of it all — the drama can get quite messy, whether its between the couple themselves or with their employees at their company JSN. While the drama can get out of hand sometimes, the show is important because it highlights the work of Black and Queer artists in an industry that is dominated by white voices. 


The show, created by Donald Glover (a.k.a Childish Gambino) follows the main character, Earn, who attempts to manage his cousin's rapping career in order to establish a career for himself and prove himself to his on-off girlfriend and mother to his daughter. The show tackles topics such as white supremacy, racial discrimination, drug distribution, and gun violence. 

Are there any shows that highlight BIPOC communities that you're loving? Leave them in the comments below!