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6 Essential Dishes For the Best Vegan Friendsgiving This Year

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While Thanksgiving is going to be a tricky one this year, there is no reason not to make a huge feast anyway, whether you're celebrating alone or with your quarantine-mates. And since this year is unlike any other, try making this thanksgiving unlike any other: make it VEGAN! 

Here's a list of 6 dishes you won't wanna skip out on this thanksgiving with your loved-ones. NOTE: Please stay safe and take the appropriate measures to meet up with your friends or family this year. This pandemic is still ongoing and thanksgiving this year should be re-envisioned to reflect that. 

Delicious Vegan Stuffing 

This filling and satisfying side will ensure you have no leftovers left this year! 

Find the recipe here

Green Bean Casserole

This delicious recipe is your perfect excuse for vegging out while also getting your greens in!

Find the recipe here

Air-fryer Crispy Potatoes

Need we say more?

Here's the recipe

Vegan Shepherd's Pie

If you're going to choose ONE thing on this list to make this year, this better be it. You will have zero regrets.

Here's the recipe

Balsamic Honey Crispy Brussel Sprouts

This isn't just gonna be a Thanksgiving favorite—this is gonna be a dinner staple for the rest of the year and many more after.

find the recipe here

Tofurkey Roast

For the main event: a Tofurkey roast! Sure, you might be thinking you'll taste nothing but a bland piece of fake meat. Well, prepare to be surprised. 

Find the recipe here

Out us know in the comments below what you choose to make this thanksgiving! And how you plan to be as safe as possible.