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6 Proven Ways To Grow Organically On Instagram

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Instagram algorithms are finely tuned to bolster organic growth on the platform. Given that content creators stay committed to their original goal and endeavour effectively to gain recognition on the app, then there is not much that can stop them from amassing drives of followers there.

Here are a few tried and tested tips to grow on Instagram.

1. Create Content Everyday: Sometimes, quantity is better than quality, especially when you are starting out. But be mindful, posting a lot of content does not mean that you should post whatever you want. Strictly adhere to the breadth of your account. Post at least one high calibre post and a few stories on the subject in question to your account. This will help you develop as an authoritative resource on the platform. Instagram’s algorithms will begin recognising your feed, and it will pop up in explores of those who are looking for similar content.

2. Improve Your Presentation: Believe it or not, Instagram is all about aesthetic. The more visually pleasing is, the more viewers it’s bound to attract. If you aren’t game for the design or photography business, and you intend to promote an entirely different line of work, then refer to creative commons photos or illustrations to help your feed pop up. You can even add content to Instagram by manipulating elegant templates on canva. This will give your account a unique design sense and help your brand gain recognition.

3. Get Featured By Big Accounts: First, select an array of authoritative Insta accounts that are relevant to your product. Probe into whether they share content from other accounts or not. And if they do, then tag them in each of your Instagram posts. If you want to grow, tag accounts from within the community that you are sure will repost your content. Eventually, as you start to grow, be more selective about your choices. Repost content from large accounts as well and tag them to let them know that you appreciate their content. It’s a simple give-and-take principle.

4. Please Don’t Spam Other Accounts: This is the most annoying tithing ever, and you are more likely to lose followers this way than you are to gain them. Do not comment on random posts asking for people to follow you. Do not share your post over DM to people asking for their likes. Instead, build real connections with people and other creators by talking to them. This way, they would definetly check out your profile and content.

5. Share Your Knowledge: People are always hungry to learn about new things. Your content should in one way or the other present knowledge that makes people learn something new about the products or services that you are marketing. How-To videos about creating content on Instagram relevant to your field are always a hit. If you are a product reviewer, you can time and again field tips about selecting brands from the market. If you are an artist, cook, or photographer, offer insight into the developmental phase of your work through the slides feature on Instagram. People need to learn about the effort that you are putting into your practice, and at the same time, they also need to realise that they are just as capable of developing a product as you.

6. Be Grateful: Appreciation is the key to community building. If people share your content, thank them in DMs. If people leave comments, reply to them. If the comments are critical, do not engage in a war. If they are helpful tips, use them constructively, if its sheer hate, ignore it and move on. Gratitude helps create and maintain real connections with people that actually like your work.