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6-Year-Old Children's Drawings Reveal German Police Officer's Obnoxious Crime

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Four young sleuths in Germany have landed a police officer in major trouble with their drawing. According to BBC, 4 six-year-old students in the west German city of Hamm, which is near Dortmund, in Germany's industrial Ruhr region, were waiting to cross a road when they were interrupted by a rogue driver who drove right past them, smashing through a road barrier. The children, who go by the names of Luisa, Romy, Celina and Luis, all study in the same school. Upon noticing the incident the children went to their teacher right away and informed her about what they say.

The teacher then asked the students to make a drawing of their observation. She then informed the police, who have since shared the drawings on Facebook. The police Facebook post has two of the sketches, but another one apparently shows the driver in more detail. The police praised the budding detectives for their efforts and confirmed that the sketches were reportedly a part of the investigation. According to the police, the children’s other drawing reveals that the driver was a woman with short blonde hair.

The driver "didn't care about the damage caused and kept driving", the police said on Facebook.

The children’s drawings and responsible attitude have since sent the internet into a frenzy. "Super kids!" several wrote, and two suggested that the sketches were more useful than video surveillance images. Local resident Michael Schulte wrote: "Terrific action by the kids. They don't look away but act. Many adults could learn from the children's example."

Source: BBC