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71 Year Old Florida Woman Struck By Flying Turtle

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In a shockingly wild accident, a flying turtle smashed through a car’s windows and injured its 71-year-old driver.

The 71-year-old driver along with her daughter were driving on Florida’s interstate 95 when they saw something swiftly crash through the windshield and strongly smack the driver’s forehead. Neither of them was prepared to receive such an unusual and quick hit, that too by a living animal.

At first, the driver and her daughter could not identify the reason for the smash however after pulling aside the vehicle, they realized it was none other than a turtle. The daughter rushed to get assistance from a fellow motorbiker who informed her that there was an actual animal that hit her mother.

“There is a turtle in there,” the man informed.

“A turtle!” the puzzled daughter questioned. “An actual turtle?”

While the surprising hit caused significant blood loss, the driver was not injured seriously and her daughter soon tended to her wounds.

“I swear to God this lady has the worst luck of anything,” the daughter said while conversing with 911.

The people soon figured out that the unusual flight of the animal was probably caused by another hit from a vehicle that tossed the poor animal to the driver’s windshield. The animal was luckily not hurt except receiving a few harmless scratches on its shell and was afterward sent back to its wild habitat.