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A Black Woman Was Shot By Police In Pennsylvania; District Attorney Says Force Was Justified

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Earlier this month a Black woman, Roxanne Moore, was hot in Reading, Pa by the police force. Moore is currently hospitalized, but the Berks County District Attorney claims that the police was justified in using force in handling the situation. 

The 15-minute incident incited 16 gunshots fired from the police. Moore, 29, was in her apartment where she was having an argument with others that led to her starting a fire on the stove, reported CBS Philly. District Attorney John Adams says that Moore stole a handgun belonging to someone in the apartment and ran off. 

Footage shows that Moore was running down the street aiming the gun at a man, who managed to get away. The police received a call from a victim claiming that Moore threatened to shoot them. 

The officer to first arrive on scene demanded that Moore let go of any weapons, and shot at her after she had not complied, says Adams. 

The police say that Moore has a mental health and drug use history. This case is an ongoing investigation and Moore is currently on parole, but charges including assault and battery will be filed, according to CBS Philly. While Moore is in a stable but critical condition, the District Attorney claims that police were justified in their use of force.