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A blasphemy case has been filed against two nurses in Faisalabad.

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On the charge of blasphemy, police have filed a case against two nurses from the District Headquarters (DHQ) Hospital.

Hundreds of hospital staff staged a protest against the two nurses on Friday, claiming that they committed blasphemy by removing a sacred inscription sticker from a cupboard.

Some of the rioters assaulted a police vehicle parked inside the hospital to take one of the nurses into custody. Still, the officers locked her inside the van to protect her from the protestors.

According to a police officer, two nurses committed blasphemy on Thursday by removing a sticker from a ward where psychiatric patients are being handled.

Deputy Medical Superintendent, Dr. Mohammad Ali, applied with the Civil Lines police, alleging that the hospital committee had proven the blasphemy charge. 

He mentioned that the head nurse had taken the removed sticker into her possession and informed him of the problem on Friday.

The hospital administration called the police, who promptly took the nurse into protective custody and transported her to a safer location. 

Hundreds of people attempted to apprehend her, but police held her inside the van. Anti-riot police and the Elite Force were sent to the scene, and after a tense struggle, a team headed by Civil.

Lines DSP Rana Attaur Rehman was able to remove her from the hospital grounds. Clerics were among the demonstrators, demanding that the prime suspect be prosecuted.

Both nurses were arrested under section 295-B of the PPC.