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A Cheeto That Resembles Arnold Schwarzenegger Is On Sale For $10,000

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A Cheeto that looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger is on sale for $10,000.

An eBayer has recently put a strange-looking Cheeto up for sale, demanding a whopping $10,000 on its sale, because the snack resembles the Terminator star, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The online listing refers to the snack as a 'coveted collector's item', also billing it as 'very rare'.

The item description reads: "Flaming hot Limón Cheetos! One of a kind! Arnold Schwarzenegger Mr. Olympia pose!

"Single Cheeto bag not included. Not to be eaten... stored as a collectible item."

While the Cheeto is listed for $10,000, the seller has included an option for customers to make their best bids. The Cheeto is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, so international customers may need to get in touch with the seller to see if it can be shipped without damage across the waters.

The Cheeto already has several users watching the auction. But it’s not clear if they are interested in purchasing the novelty snack or they are just tuning in to see what happens next in the saga.

The auction represents a bizarre trend sweeping the online world, where people have started selling unusually-shaped Cheetos resembling everything from celebrities and animals to Greek statues and even male genitalia.