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A Crate of Oranges Was Sold For $9,600 In Japan

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One million yen went to a crate of 100 mandarin oranges during an auction in Japan this week. The Japanese mandarin, also called mikan, were sold during an auction week—the first satsuma mandarin oranges auction of the year!

The highest priced mandarins in Japan come from the Nishiuwa area, by the brand Hinomaru. It is allegedly one of the sweeter and softer mandarins that just melt in your mouth, produced only by as little as 100 farmers. "Hinomaru mikan are produced in a limited area on the coast of Yawatahama city in Ehime prefecture," said a sales department representative from JA Nishiuwa to CNN. 

The crate was sold to the an unknown bidder for the high price of 1,000,000 yen, which is an impressive starter for the mikan season and auction week. 

Source: CNN