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A Criminal Surrendered Himself Stating That He Is Better Off In Jail Than With People

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United Kingdom

The pandemic has definitely taken a toll on everyone. Same happened with this resident of United Kingdom who had had enough of the people he was with during the lockdown.

This Wednesday afternoon, According to Sussex police, a wanted man surrendered in search of peace and serenity.


A wanted man in Sussex turned himself in stating that he prefers jail over the people he is currently living with.

The man decided to show up in Burgess Hill Police Station, seemingly done with the people he was living with, to find some peace in jail. His identity is still not discovered.

An Inspector from Sussex Police Department, Darren Taylor, shared this incident on his twitter account.

He stated that a wanted man handed himself in to the team claiming that “he would rather go back to prison” than having to “spend more time with the people he was living with!”

The netizens found it astonishing as well as sad. The views were divided with some people commenting how everyone wants peace and could relate with this guy whereas other stating how his home mates must be “terrible”.

Another commented:

“Lol priceless. I guess in this case, the crime certainly did pay!”

However, one user suggested a punishment stating:

“Would the court consider sentencing him to home detention with a tag. Sounds like it would be a fitting punishment”