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A Fan Helped Jeffree Star Delete 400 Inappropriate Messages

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The beauty community has always been a place for controversies and dramas and looks like Jeffree Star has become the center for scrutiny and backlash a lot lately. The 34-year-old makeup influencer/Youtuber has been one of the richest beauty Moguls of recent times but with fame and wealth, Star has also received tons of accusations in the past.

The controversial makeup artist was accused of groping during concerts, attacking people with taser gun who rejected his advances and sexually harassing a teenage boy years ago. Apart from his sexual misconduct, Star was also, over the years reported for being a racist, particularly when during his Myspace presence where he said he'd pour battery acid on a black woman's face to lighten her skin. He further used racial and sexist slurs on passersby on camera.

Latest screenshots circulating on the Internet claim that Star had used one of his fans who helped whim delete inappropriate tweets by offering him free tickets to his master class and then backing off by blocking the fan. The since-deleted tweets include Star lusting over straight men and using the word 'rape'. One of the Tweets says ''I like straight MEN, not gay boys baby'' while another reads "Straight guy #2365 down hahahah *faints*."

Continuing the conversation with the fan, Jeffree offered him free tickets to his manchester masterclass but later turned away. He asked the fan to send his full name and number to his assistant. The fan reportedly asked the assistant for a free $450 goodie bag too, to which Star texted him "You deleted a few hundred tweets for me and you're acting like I'm supposed to give you thousands of dollars of free make up, and all I promised was a ticket and to come say hi... Really sad."

Star and his assistant are yet to comment on the screenshot and provide closure to the authenticity of the deal mentioned in the screenshots.