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A Florida man was arrested for allegedly impersonating a doctor and inserting Botox while intoxicated.

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According to local authorities, a Florida man was charged with impersonating a doctor and reportedly administering Botox while intoxicated last month.

According to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, Nelson Turin, 47, allegedly held a "Botox and Bubbles" fundraiser at a local company. On social media fliers, he claimed to be an oral surgeon, according to investigators.

Turin was reportedly drinking Four Lokos when he operated on his innocent victims. He allegedly paid $350 for injecting lips, chins, and buttocks. According to the news station, he allegedly misled the workers at a local spa into believing he was a licensed doctor.

According to the sheriff, Turin is charged with multiple offenses, including practicing medicine without a valid medical license and possessing legendary medicines without a prescription. Prescription drugs that the US Food and Drug Administration has licensed are known as legendary drugs.

Turin was released on bail, according to local authorities. A new court date has yet to be set.

Authorities have released images of the fliers, vials, and a video of him injecting a victim they believe was part of his plan, along with his mugshot.

Turin's lawyer told the news organization that Turin maintains his innocence. According to the American Council on Science and Health, before having surgery, people can verify a doctor's credentials because physicians are legally required to show their credentials in their office.

According to the council, doctors should also wear badges so that patients can see them.

It also advised patients that they can check a doctor's credentials with the state's medical board.