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A German college boy caught trespassing in an Australian museum to take selfies with dinosaurs.

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In the current situation, when Covid is at the peak, it seems like a marvelous idea to spend a night in a museum walking through its halls in silence. 

A German college boy visited Australia's oldest museum illegally at a nearby university. The Guardian notes that since August of last year, it has been closed for refurbishment. Sadly, this is considered a crime when the museum is closed. It is not clear whether the 25-year-old man who broke into Sydney's Australian Museum for selfies in the dinosaur show knew this.

The young man seems to have spent 40 minutes strolling around the closed museum without hesitation as if he was roaming around in his house.He stole a cowboy staff hat from a coat rack and happily stuck it in the open jaws of the T. Rex, which seemed oblivious to safety cameras and was able to track every move.'

Heaney said, "Surely he was enjoying his museum night." "If this gentleman's watching is not going to be a filmmaker knocking on the door, all I can say is that NSW police will knock very soon."

The force released online CCTV videos of the museum and demanded support from the public. Paul Kuhn turned without objection to his credit. He then voluntarily came to a police station in Surry Hills and was later charged with breaking, entering, and denying bail.

In the meantime, local people's reaction to social networks was nothing short of congratulations and concentrated on buying the guy a beer rather than organizing vigilante justice.

But Kuhn's fun led to very severe consequences nevertheless. Only if the student surrendered the passport and observed a curfew, which is a fair punishment for any college student.