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A girl with a lamp.

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Once upon a time, there lived a poor boy who was very charmingly smart and good looking but he was very poor and didn't had anyone who can take care of him. He used to work day and night to earn his daily bread. Everyday after a great hardwork while returning to home he feels someone is following him. As he was exhausted and tried didn't bother anything and come back home. Everyday was same for him. One day it was too late to return back to home and at midnight while returning he noticed that someone is again following him, but this time he was little worried and scared. However he return back to home and slept well. The next morning he decides to stay at home. Roaming around he thinks of  last night and get worried again. He feels today i didn't go out so there would be nothing to worry the next day. But he see the same person standing outside his house with a lamp. This time he thought of going out with courage and asking that person to stop following him and making him scared. But before he goes out that person runs off. The boy again couldn't find who was that person. He left for his work with a great plan of finding out that person. This time the boy didn't reach house from the same street but he took another way and this time he caught that person, he just hold the hand and ask who are you? why do you follow me everyday?! Then that person replied, please leave me. And the boy makes out that this person is a girl. His thought glitters and he mistakenly leaves her hand and she goes away. Now the boy get still more worried that why is a girl following him and who is she. The boy try to recollect who she is and where did he met her before. Then he falls asleep and in his dream he sees the same girl and wake up from his sleep. Then he decides to stay at home and wait for the girl to come. As he wished, the girl again comes near his house with a lamp. This boy immediately opens the door and catch her and this time he didn't leave her and took her masks and the boy sees a beautiful girl with love in her eyes, shy on her face, beautiful hair and innocent expressions. Then boy just get lost in her eyes and then comes out of his dream world and asks that girl who are you? Why do you follow me everyday? I don't know who you are then why do you follow me? The girl replies, "will you marry me"?  The boy get shocked and ask, what? Are you crazy girl we don't know each other and you are asking me to stay with you forever? The girl replies with a smile we know each other since 10 years. The boy gets worried and feels funny and ask her, how? The girl tells him the whole story about his past, after listening to her story the boy cries out with love. The girl tells her how they know each other. She starts with telling when the boy was small he always used to think of a dream girl and always used to talk about her. Everyday when he used to fall asleep a fairy comes near him and make him play and again go back when he sleeps. Time passed, the boy slowly slowly started forgeting her dream girl and that fairy used to never come again to play with him. But that fairy was in love with that boy and she wished that the boy would some day remember her and she would again come back but the boy never again tried to bring her back. Once that fairy goes to wish room where she could fulfil her one wish, and she wished for getting converted to human. Then she turns into a pretty girl and come back to earth finding out the same boy. And once she saw a boy with same smile on his face and find out the boy she was finding for and wanted to talk to him many times but couldn't. That fairy is me now and that little boy is you the girl whips  out. After ending her story she tells the boy "you got your dream girl as well as your fairy back