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A Hamster Trading Cryptocurrencies Is Outperforming Warren Buffet

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A hamster is making waves on the internet after outperforming Warren Buffet through cryptocurrency trading.

The live-streamed German hamster, named Mr. Goxx, has been independently trading a portfolio of various cryptocurrencies since June 12, and so far its performance has been impressive.

As of Friday, the portfolio was up nearly 24%, according to the @mrgoxx Twitter feed that documents daily performance, along with every trade made by the hamster. Mr Goxx's performance outpaces bitcoin and the S&P 500 over the same time period.

Of course, the creature isn’t doing it all by itself, but rather through a rigged cage dubbed the “Goxx Box.” The contraption is fairly clever. The hamster first runs on an “intention wheel” that chooses one of 30 different cryptos to trade. Then Goxx runs through one of two “decision tunnels” that determine whether or not he will buy or sell the cryptocurrency in 20 euro increments. Of course, all of this is rigged to a computer.

Goxx’s portfolio was funded with $390. His caretaker, who has chosen not to reveal his identity, said that the trades the hamster makes are automatically set to 20 euro increments.

"There are plans to give Mr Goxx more control and let him intentionally pick his buy amount if the interest in his channel keeps growing," the business partner told Protos.

Mr Goxx has so far generated profits of 77 euros as of Friday afternoon. Its portfolio hit a high of nearly $580 in mid-September, when its performance was up nearly 50% in less than three months, according to performance data compiled by Protos. But since then, the recent crypto sell-off has put a dent in the hamster's profits.