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A man has been charged with breaking into a woman's home and stealing her sex toys.

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A man was charged with breaking into a woman's house and stealing her used sex toys.

According to The Smoking Gun, Michael Holden, 37, is accused of breaking into the 35-year-old woman's home in Pennsylvania, about 90 miles from Pittsburgh.

According to police, the woman had fallen asleep on her couch when Holden entered her house. He is then accused of stealing $700 (£506) in cash and some of her bank cards.

However, according to a probable cause affidavit, he is also accused of stealing her sex dolls, priced at $160 (£115).

A neighbor allegedly saw Holden break-in and described him to police as skinny, white, and wearing glasses.' As a result, the victim concluded that it was him. Holden seems to be a friend of hers, and he stays a block away. During a police line-up, he was later found.

When the woman confronted Holden with her partner, he confessed to being inside her home and seeing the money on the floor.

A neighbor had also recorded some surveillance video from their camera. It captured a man wearing glasses and a Pittsburgh Pirates cap entering the victim's house.

The affidavit stated that Holden was wearing some Pittsburgh Pirates headgear and glasses each time a police officer encountered him.

He was charged with breaking, criminal trespass, and robbery.

According to Pennsylvania News Today, he is scheduled to appear in court on April 20 for a preliminary hearing.

The affidavit does not state whether police discovered the sex toys and other missing items. The Police Department response was

It's not the first time a robbery has targeted sex toys.

Melbourne police have issued an appeal to locate two robbers suspected of breaking into a sex shop and stealing nearly AU $15,000 (£8,300) in merchandise.

Detectives believe they stole about $10,000 ($5,500) in vibrators and a $4,500 (£2,500) life-sized sex doll called Kitty.

Kitty, who stands at 168 centimeters, is available in various heights, bust sizes, waist sizes, hip, and weight sizes.  She can also adjust her eye color, hair color, skin tone, and nail polish.

Adult sex store robberies, according to 9News, are frequent as demand for sex dolls like Kitty has skyrocketed during the pandemic.