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A Man Recalls a Horrifying Hell-Bound Journey In Which "Thousands Burned in Pits."

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THE GATES OF HELL, IT IS BELIEVED, are wide open for all sinners who stray from God's path.

Many people deny the existence of Hell, a place where retribution for past transgressions is meted out.

Skeptics frequently contend that the devil and his underground realm are merely figments of the human imagination.  Yet, one man claims to have been to Hell and back, recounting his extraordinary adventure in a book that has sold over a million copies and becomes a New York Times bestseller.

Bill Wiese relived his harrowing experiences on his Hell-bound journey in an interview with Christian broadcaster TCT Network.

When the devoted Christian awoke one night in 1998, he went to his fridge to get a drink.

Unbeknownst to him, his soul was on its way to the hellish depths of Hell. He states that his spirit was separated from his body and taken through a long tunnel into the dreadful underworld.

Mr. Wiese is said to have landed on the floor of a prison cell and been stunned by the severity of the heat.

“There were stone walls and bars, and it felt more like a dungeon – a dirty, smelling, smoke-filled prison.” "He remembered.

“The heat was so intense that I questioned how I was still alive,” he continued. “What am I doing here, and how did I get here?” The author described how blasphemous devils tortured him severely, directing a torrent of anger towards himself and God.

Mr. Wiese expanded on his 23-minute voyage to Hell in an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity.

“I noticed this large pit of flames, "He stated.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of people, were screaming and burning inside this pit. "The screaming was audible. In hell, you are physically fatigued.

"You are completely terrified and in complete darkness.” The devout Christian is unconcerned about whether or not people believe his account.

The most important thing, he told Mr. Hannity, was that the public believes in God's Word about the horrors of eternal death.

“All the Lord wants me to do is point them to the Scriptures,” he says "He stated. “Churches aren't discussing the Scriptures that speak of hell.

"I'm only a marker pointing people to the Scriptures.”