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A man witnessed a 'UFO' and shadow people' near nuclear weapons at a US Air Force base

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An airman saw a 'UFO' while guarding nuclear weapons at a US Air Force base, and he's seen shadow people' at other installations.

Adrian Reister, a former USAF nuclear weapons technician, stated that he was stationed at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri between 2003 and 2007, where he guarded, maintained, and moved nuclear weapons.

According to the Daily Star, he saw a glowing 'orb' hovering above a nearby treeline before flying away while performing his duties.

Adrian, 37, said it couldn't have been one of their planes because he was familiar with all of them, and he added that while training at a similar station, he came face-to-face with a terrifying 6ft'shadow person.'

In an interview with Liberation Times, he stated: "I [noticed] a light or orb hovering along the top of the tree line; at first, I thought it was just a star, but as I continued to scan the area, the light/orb shot above the treetops and hung there for some time. Maybe it was a satellite, I reasoned."

But, just as a transport team was about to arrive to secure the weapon, "the orb bounced a little in the sky, then shot to the left (north), then shot 90 degrees straight up and disappeared."

But that wasn't Register's strangest experience while stationed at the nuclear base.

The nuclear weapons technician encountered a "shadow person" while working a night shift maintaining a dummy practice bomb in the summer of 2006.

He first heard footsteps, but not the familiar sound of one of his Air Force colleagues wearing standard-issue combat boots. The unknown intruder appeared to be barefoot as he walked around the high-security base.

He got up to investigate after hearing footsteps a couple of times and had a terrifying encounter with something that wasn't entirely human.

He stated: "I saw what I can't describe as anything other than a black mass in the shape of a 6ft tall person. It wasn't really a shadow, but it was slightly blurry and didn't reflect any light."