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A New Museum for Language is Hitting D.C, and it Looks Amazing

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Linguists, rejoice! Coming in Spring 2020, Washington D.C. will welcome a new addition to its already impressive collection of museums: Planet Word. Though not on the Smithsonian circuit, the museum promises to be a unique and enthralling experience for guests of all ages, and may become a cultural sensation.

According to their website, Planet Word aims to "awaken a love of language that will last a lifetime" in their guests. The museum is said to be a hands-on experience, featuring a language lab that allows visitors to "create a marketing campaign, watch themselves give a famous speech, or be moved by the rhythm of words and lyrics." The site will also feature periodic art installations, and boasts an impressive Board of Directors spanning across an interdisciplinary world. Inspired by the power and fluid nature of language, Planet Word's concept is truly a language lover's dream made real.

Construction for the planned museum has already begun, and is based in the historic Franklin School. The building, built in 1869, has been a historic landmark singe 1996, and from 2002 to 2008 served as a homeless shelter for the D.C. area.

The Franklin School, site of the new Planet Word Museum. 

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