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"A Reply To Arthbasic Awesome Article On Content Creators"

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After reading your post, I would like to express my true feelings:

During my time working here at, I've discovered that countless people don't appear to care less concerning what I have to share with them, here on I'm only attempting to be candid. Not aspiring to be negative, but it's a little disheartening to spend plenty of time researching to give accurate accounts on writing worthy tips, ideas, knowledge, etc on each posting here. I also have been attempting to make the tips and information entertaining, if possible. Anyway, it's indeed more work than I like to contribute. Guess I'm stating that if I believed others were benefitting from my posts, perhaps I would feel more worthy of doing an even better job.

Longer content is not always sufficient either. I have viewed some rather short, empty posts here on this site, only to scratch my head in amazement at how many people push on their posts. Yet those of us who have written valuable content in length get no pushes. That makes me wonder. It's kinda funny. Oh well, I guess you have to keep on keeping on like I always write. It goes to show you how much-underappreciated writers are. 

I do enjoy doing the work. However, I would enjoy it more if others started appreciating the work that goes into each post. They say it typically takes on average a half hour to 45 minutes to do a proper post. I disagree with this immensely. It is a known fact that it takes a good solid hour to properly post. Even longer.

So, if you take into consideration all the research, the writing, editing, rewriting, re-editing, the #'s, extra marketing for each post to receive added hits on each article, you get nothing. I can go on and on. The proper execution of images. All this takes time if you do it professionally and accurately. So, you can easily see how frustrating individual authors and content writers can get, working in this field.

My whole point regarding this comment is to try and show a little more respect for the person writing each article. Especially if you are reading his or her writing. You can't say that nobody likes the articles if the amount of people who hit on the post is 300. You can't tell me the articles are horrible. People are evidently reading them?

 I do love If I didn't, I would not continue to take time out each day to write. Thanks to numerous people can place food on their table, and more. Nevertheless, it is a lot of work. I guess if it wasn't, then everyone would be doing it.

Anyway, a great article by the way. And thank you You have always given me adequate wisdom in your own special way. As an individual, I have developed more and discovered more concerning business and life in general, just by serving here at, than any other place I ever worked. And I have also had infinite fun too in the process. That indeed says something positive about your business and professionals that make this company a realization. Thank you for this. To everyone else, "hope you all stay safe and keep on keeping on. And Never Quit."