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A soulful collection of birthday quotes for your niece: family is everything

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What is the real wealth? Some people say money. Those who say this are fool. Some people say relations, love, company or togetherness and many other names you can call this. This is the real wealth. The one, who nurtures, maintains and has this wealth of relations and love in one’s life is actually a wealthy one.

All people are busy in earning money and upping their career. But the ones who take time for love and company live longer and worry free. It could be that you have a treasury of money but it is all empty if you don’t have a family.

In today’s time where everyone is running like rabbits, perhaps much faster than it are slowly forgetting the wealth of family and relations. They are all taking it for granted, which later when they need them most they don’t find them. As one is giving time to everything whether career and other related stuff, one also must give time to relations and family. If not, then there is no difference between a robot and you.

Hence to correct your past mistakes where you were so much busy, take time for your niece birthday, who has grown up and turning 18. Wish her happy birthday but with a little style and you can do this with happy birthday niece quotes; by saying and reciting for her these quotes.

  • You never hinder from your progress and journey you making. We wish you all success to our niece. Happy birthday!
  • May your all dreams come true and may you have the power to fulfill them all. Happy birthday to world’s best niece!
  • May all be loyal to you and you to them. Loyalty is virtue bestowed by God on you. Happy birthday to my sincere niece!
  • Those who can control, can control everything. May you the power to control your thoughts. Rare could. Happy birthday my might niece!
  • May one day a book be written on you. May you become eternal and forever beautiful memory for this world. Happy birthday my gorgeous niece!
  • You keep smiling forever. You may come again to us being our niece. All life and love to you. Happy birthday my awesome niece!
  • Your smile and giggling is so generous that I forget my all worries. May worries never touch your heart. Happy birthday sweetest niece of mine!
  • May you live your whole life happy and prosperous and I wish you fly like a calm dove spreading peace and gentleness everywhere. Happy birthday my dearest niece!
  • You are my best partner in everything. I trust you without any doubt and I wish you never get betrayed by anyone in your life. Happy birthday my charming niece!
  • May your life get filled with all stars and your career full of glory. I always want to see you happy inside. Any harm come to you and I bring the whole world down. Happy birthday my beautiful niece!
  • How beautiful it is that you are in my life and making it every day wonderful and worth living. You are my daughter. You love you dearly. Happy birthday my simplest and craziest niece!Copied!
  • May your voice give calmness to all when you speak. May you pour abundance whenever you spread your hand in someone’s life. Happy birthday my starriest niece!
  • No one could stop your growth. May your life become inspiring and cherishing. May you have all the strength that you could ward off all evils. Happy birthday my beautiful simplest niece!